11 Perfect Reasons You Should Date A Girl Who’s Close With Her Mom

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iStockPhoto.com / muratart

1. She knows all of her mom’s delicious recipes.

She might not have perfected the art of cooking just yet, but she has her mother’s secret ingredients and recipes to do so. You’ll never go hungry with a girl who’s close to her mom.

2. She receives advice from someone who is wise beyond her years.

Most girls go to their 20 (or 30) something girlfriends for advice on all aspects of life, but when this girl’s life is less than mediocre, the first person she goes to is her mom. Her mother has infinite more wisdom beyond the average millennial, so you can trust she’s well-advised. When you two are in a fight, her girlfriend Sally says, “SCREW HIM! You can do so much better!” and her mom says, “Why don’t you sleep on it, and see how things feel in the morning.”

3. If you don’t want to hangout with her one night, she can always hang with her mom.

You’re not the only person in this girl’s life, she’s always got her mom. If you’re not in the mood to sit on her couch and watch The Bachelor or Real Housewives, she has her mom to rely on for both of those things.

4. Her mother’s nurturing nature rubs off on her.

When you’re sick, she’ll want to take care of you. When you’re having problems at work, she’ll want to help you solve them. She’s inherited her mother’s nurturing ways, and she wants you to be taken care of.

5. Her mom will most likely buy you gifts (if she likes you).

If you love her daughter, and treat her right, she will love you, and she’ll show it with material possessions. When your birthday rolls around you can be sure her mom will get you a present, even on the little holidays she’ll send you a card with a cute note. If you make her daughter happy, she wants you to continue to do so, it’s not a bribe in her eyes, it’s simple generosity.

6. If you can’t solve her problem, her mom can.

When she’s sobbing on your kitchen floor and you have no idea why or how to make her stop, her mom can handle that.

7. If you need to know anything about her, her mom knows all the answers.

Don’t know what to get her for your one year anniversary? Ask her mom. Trying to cook her something exotic but unsure if she’ll enjoy that type of cuisine? Ask her mom. Want to take her on a weekend getaway but not sure where? Ask her mom. Mother knows best, especially for this girl.

8. She always has a shopping buddy.

A girl who’s close with her mom doesn’t need her boyfriend to take her shopping. You won’t have to worry about answering the question, “Do these jeans make my butt look big?”

9. Her mom taught her proper laundry care.

Not sure how to get that red wine stain out of your new cotton tee? If your girlfriend doesn’t already have the answer, she can ask her mom who most certainly will.

10. Her mom is always there in case of an emergency.

And she’s usually understanding about whatever emergency is happening. When you get kicked out of a bar because your girlfriend puked all over the ladies’ room, and can’t catch a cab in the 20 degree weather, you can call her mom to come pick you up, and she’ll answer the phone on the first ring.

11. She understands different types of love.

She receives all kinds of love. Love from her friends, love from significant others, and love from her mom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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