11 Things That Happen Growing Up With A Brother Who Has Cute Friends

Twenty20 / cherfil97
Twenty20 / cherfil97

1. You were the annoying little sister who followed them around.

They would call you shadow because they turned around and you were always there. You never really cared if your presence was unwelcome, and whatever they were doing you found fascinating, even if it was playing Grand Theft Auto.

2. You’d be in your room all day, but if his friends came over you were suddenly out and about around the house.

You were like a hermit in your own home, until you heard their voices in the kitchen, and suddenly you’d be hungry for a snack.

3. You felt weird about thinking they were cute because they were basically your second brother.

But you couldn’t help it. It’s not like you’re actually related, a little crush is harmless.

4. You’d never admit to your parents that you thought any of your brother’s friends were cute.

Your parents would tease you about liking all of his friends, but you’d never actually admit that they were right.

7. You thought it was a secret, but his friends knew you had crushes on all of them.

They would ask you which one of them you liked the most, and it became a weird form of competition. You would blush and say you hated them all equally.

5. You enjoyed hanging out with your brother more when his friends were over.

He’d ask you to have a catch with him and you’d repeatedly tell him no, but when his friends needed an extra batter to even out the teams, you were all about it.

6. You constantly tried to look good when his friends were around.

When you got to the age when you discovered makeup, you’d always be sure to have some on when they were over. You probably thought you looked good at the time, but you could’ve done without the 5 layers of eye liner and hot pink lipstick.

8. Your brother would purposely embarrass you in front of them.

He was well aware that you were crushing on all of his friends, so he’d purposely humiliate you in front of them. When you came out of the bathroom he’d tell you you stunk up the entire house, even if you only peed. Anything to make you mortified.

9. As you got older they began to look at you a little differently.

You heard less of “Where’s your annoying little sister?” and more of, “Hey, is your sister around?” Harmless crushes began to be teenage, puberty-infused hormones that fueled interest from both parties.

10. As you got older your brother became more and more paranoid that you’d hook up with his friends.

Because he most likely knew you probably wanted to, and because he’d be completely disgusted if you ever did.

11. You most likely did hook up with one of his friends (and he may or may not know about it).

Whether it happened or not, your brother probably doesn’t want to know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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