9 Subtle Yet Seductive Things A Woman Does That Hint She Wants To Sleep With You

Twenty20 / lolamyers
Twenty20 / lolamyers

1. She sighs in a way that resembles moaning.

Sexual moaning. At the end of the day when she’s tired and let’s out a heavy breath of air, she’s doing so in a manner that will make you imagine you her in bed making that same exact sound.

2. She eats phallic looking foods in front of you.

Often times very slowly. If her go to snack is a popsicle or hot dog whenever she is with you, there’s a reason. She wants you to see her licking something, and she wants you to think dirty thoughts as she does.

3. She constantly readjusts herself.

When she pulls at her camisole she’s trying to make her lady lumps look as best as they possibly can. If she’s constantly looking down at herself to see how she looks, it’s because she wants to look good for you. All of that tugging and readjusting of her clothing is to make you think about what is underneath it.

4. Unending hairflips.

When her head tilts side to side and it looks like she’s having a slight exorcism moment, it’s because she’s trying to flip her hair in a sexy way that will make you look at her. Some girls are better at this than others, but if she’s constantly flipping, twirling, or playing with her hair in front of you, she’s trying to make herself more attractive.

5. Light arm touches.

When she laughs at your joke and touches your arm just light enough to make you think, ‘Did she just touch me?’ she’s doing it strategically. If you think that little touch got your attention, you should see what else she’s capable of, and that’s exactly what she wants you to be thinking about.

6. She says things that have double meanings (dirty double meanings).

When she spills her drink on her jeans and says, “Oh, now I’m all wet,” she knows exactly what she’s doing. If she giggles a little after she realizes what she said, it’s because she’s thinking about the dirty implications her little comment refers to.

7. She bites her lip way more often than a normal person ever should.

She’s not trying to taste her cherry chapstick, she’s biting her lips to bring attention to them. She wants you to think about kissing her, she might even want you to bite them instead.

8. She talks about how tense she is.

In hopes that you’ll loosen her up. She wants you to know how many stressful thoughts are going through her head so that you will want to be the only thing on her mind. She wants you to destress her in a way that she can’t get from meditation or yoga.

9. Her posture constantly shows off her assets.

She puts her body in strategic positions so that you will think about what it looks like in many other positions. It’s one thing when she bends over in front of you, and you check her out regardless, it’s another when she bends over, pauses, makes eye contact and smiles. There’s a difference. If she wants you to check her out, you will know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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