7 Unique Ways The Eternally Single Girl Handles Finally Being In A Relationship

Twenty20 / bethaneyvalverde
Twenty20 / bethaneyvalverde

1. She won’t doubt the way her partner feels about her.

She is familiar with being single, so she knows that if her partner didn’t have real feelings, they would already be gone, or would not have initiated the relationship at all. She has experienced her fair share of “almost” and understands the difference between almost and complete.

2. She may be hesitant to bring up issues.

Not because she’s afraid to communicate her feelings, but because she might not even recognize issues when they arise, and if she does, she most likely won’t be the first to bring them up. She will be convinced she is overthinking. She isn’t familiar with the rule book of relationships when it comes to her own, so she won’t know which issues to bring up when, and whether or not they’re worth calling attention to.

3. She will have to warm up to the idea of pet names.

When her partner calls her “babe” for the first time, she will most certainly notice, and it may take her a while to reciprocate. Her partner shouldn’t be insulted if she doesn’t return endearing terms of affection right away, she’s just not used to saying them. The language of relationships is foreign to her, but she’s learning.

4. She won’t ask for more attention than is willing to be given.

She’s never been the center of someone else’s universe, and she won’t need to be the center of her partner’s. When she has been single forever, the attention she receives in a relationship at first will feel almost shocking, she’ll warm up to it eventually, but she won’t ever ask for more.

5. Her friends and/or family remain a big part of her life.

The people who were in her life before the relationship began will continue to be a part of it. If her partner makes her choose between the two, she won’t choose, she will balance.

6. She’s afraid of pushing her partner away.

She doesn’t know what it’s like to have a significant other stand by her, and when finally someone does she fears she will somehow subconsciously resist. She most certainly has feelings, but reacting to them she’s unaccustomed to. While she is more than willing to accept love, she isn’t a professional at showing it. She may resist showing love simply because she’s scared it will push love further away.

7. She’s wary of the relationship suddenly ending.

Although she is secure, there’s a part of her that fears the happiness she feels when she’s with her partner will suddenly disappear. She wants nothing more than to fully enjoy her relationship both physically and emotionally, but she also prepares herself if it should ever fall apart. She is capable of hoping for the best, and she doesn’t necessarily expect the worst to happen, but she makes sure she’s ready if it ever does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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