7 Great Things About The Girl Who Understands The Meaning Of Girls’ Night

Twenty20 / saraycasti
Twenty20 / saraycasti

1. She understands the meaning of boys’ night too.

Dating a girl who understands the meaning of girls’ night, means dating a girl who is completely supportive of boys’ night. She knows an occasional break from the opposite gender is much needed in regards to herself, and her partner.

2. She knows the balance between boyfriends and friends.

She won’t devote all of her time to one or the other. Her boyfriend and her friends do not place in first or second, they have the same rank on her list of priorities. She easily maintains the balance between romance and friendship, no questions asked.

3. She understands the value of friendship.

She realizes that while some boyfriends may come and go, her friends are forever. She will never take her friends for granted, and their love is as meaningful as any significant other.

4. She knows how to let loose.

When her girlfriends call her up for a spontaneous adventure, she won’t tell them that she is having a movie night with bae, she will put on a pair of skinny jeans and say, “What time?” She knows how to have fun, especially with her girlfriends, and she doesn’t allow a relationship to stop her from living.

5. She will never be a needy partner.

Needy is not an adjective used to describe her. She won’t cling to a partner who becomes distant, and she won’t ask for more than she knows is willing to be given. She’ll most likely complain about it to her girlfriends, but that’s exactly what they’re there for, and that’s exactly why she doesn’t need excess from her partner.

6. She doesn’t lose herself in a relationship.

She does not forget who she is, what she wants, or who her friends are. She had a life before her relationship, and while it has certainly changed because of it, she doesn’t compromise what makes her, her. Her friends can count on her to stay true to who she is, and not become something anyone else wants her to be.

7. She isn’t apologetic when it comes to making time for friends.

She won’t apologize for girls’ night because she doesn’t see it as an inconvenience. She doesn’t try to make time for those who matter, she just does. She understands there is a difference between making plans, and following through with them, and for her friends the follow-through is no issue. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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