6 Things Secure Women Do For Themselves That Can Either Interest Or Intimidate A Man

Twenty20 / sarahannahansen
Twenty20 / sarahannahansen

1. She openly communicates her honest opinion.

She’s not the kind of woman who holds back what’s really on her mind. She’ll tell you how she’s feeling, whether you like it or not. She values honesty more than she values your ego. So if it hurts, she’ll feel sorry for a second and then move on, but only because she wants you to be that honest with her. And when you are, she’ll appreciate it.

2. She misses you when you’re gone, but she won’t stop you from leaving.

When you tell her you’re spending the weekend with your boys, she will tell you to have fun, and she’ll mean it. She doesn’t care if you have fun without her, just as long as you have fun with her. She is the type of woman who will “wish that you’re here,” but won’t resent that you’re not. You shouldn’t expect this type of woman to beg you to stay. She feels your absence, but it refreshes her more than it hurts her.

3. She is unapologetically herself.

She is well aware of her quirks and flaws, and she has no shame in showing them. She accepts herself for who she is, and she will only be with a man who will do the same.

4. She doesn’t seek your approval, but she considers your view.

This woman doesn’t allow men to change her. She will never ask you whether she’s “allowed” to do something, she will use her own judgement and act accordingly. She knows right from wrong, so she won’t ask you to be the judge. And she won’t ever beg for attention. If you’re not giving her enough of what she wants, she won’t be afraid to leave.

5. She makes her own decisions.

She doesn’t allow others to influence her choices. She goes her own way, and she realizes that those who support her along the way are the only people who matter.

6. She’s fine on her own, but she still would like someone to share her life with.

She doesn’t need you, she wants you. Her independence is unfailing, but just because she’s independent doesn’t mean she wants to be alone. She loves to share her life with others whether it’s romantically or not. Her security in herself makes her realize she wants to find someone she can share that security with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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