9 Things Women In Their Early 20s Are Commonly Underestimated For

Twenty20 / ellostephh
Twenty20 / ellostephh

1. Work ethic

Just because we’re 23, doesn’t mean we’re lazy. We’re completely familiar with what hard work looks like, and we’re more than willing to infuse it into our everyday lives. We’re living in a time when a woman’s voice matters, even if the first digit of her age is 2. We’re aware that hard work pays off, and we love the feeling when it does.

2. Responsibility for our health

Most people think that young 20 somethings only care about having fun, and while that is partially true, we’re also well aware of what all that fun can do to our bodies. Our early twenties are an adventurous time, but we know that our health will have to sustain for many years to come, and we attempt to do as much as we can to insure that. When our sweat smells like booze while we’re running on the tread mill, we’re making up for the unhealthy decisions we made the night before.

3. Our ability to maintain a healthy relationship

When people think of a 20 something woman’s love life they think of either tons of casual sex, or completely toxic relationships. That’s often an unfair generalization, yet sometimes a fair assumption. Our love lives are our business, whether we are partaking in numerous one night stands, or attempting to date someone who’s 500 miles away, many of us early 20 something females know what a healthy relationship looks like, and what it takes to maintain one. Sure, we may be a bit naive when it comes to love, or maybe we’ve never experienced it at all, but that doesn’t mean we allow our partners to walk all over us.

4. Financial independence

Surely all 20 something females are waitressing their way out of student debt, while living on their parents’ sofas, wrong. It’s not impossible for a 20 something woman to gain financial stability on her own. Whether we are still in school, or have already landed our dream career, we don’t enjoy depending on someone else financially, and we do everything we can to make sure we don’t need to.

5. Self esteem

Everyone thinks your early 20s are surely a time of insecurity: jobs, love, emotional stability. In other’s eyes, we’re constantly just trying to find our way. But this applies to more stages in life than just your early 20s. Everyone has their moments of insecurity, and self esteem is difficult to maintain, especially as a woman, but don’t underestimate the early 20 something woman’s confidence.

6. Satisfying sex lives

Surely we have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to sex, because we’ve only been doing it for a handful of years, if that, but if we’re not having satisfying sex with someone else, we know how to get it ourselves. I’m sure our sex lives have plenty of room for improvement, but for now it’s all we know, and in this case our lack of knowledge is bliss.

7. People skills

How could we have people skills when dating is done with the swipe of a finger? While our lives are certainly active on social media, we do know how to communicate face to face. We aren’t complete robots, and our desire for real human connection will never fade. Sometimes seeing someone through a screen is just not enough, and even early 20 somethings understand that.

8. Life experience

We’ve only been on this earth for no more than a quarter of a century, but many of us 20 something women are wise beyond our years. Life is one giant learning experience, and every year we’re learning more and more, but we’ve already learned more than people like to give us credit for. Our early twenties are a time to learn a lot about ourselves, so that we can enjoy all the life experiences we have yet to make happen.

9. Motivation

As much as people like to think young 20 somethings are unmotivated, it motivates us even more to prove them wrong. Our ambition is undying because we have our whole life ahead of us, and we want to show everyone and ourselves that we will make the best of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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