13 Various Ways Perpetually Single Girls Spend Their Weekends

Twenty20 / ptichaoks
Twenty20 / ptichaoks

1. On Tinder.

At the end of the night you’re not snuggling up with bae, you’re swiping right for shirtless Stephen with a six pack. When you’re perpetually single, you figure you have nothing to lose, and you also have far greater alone time than anyone in a relationship. What better way to end your night than a little harmless flirting with strangers you may or may not ever meet?

2. Drunken dance floor make-outs.

A perpetually single girl doesn’t have a boyfriend attached to her hip while she’s out on the weekend, she has friends encouraging her to hit on attractive men, while she’s guzzling whiskey sours. “Go talk to him, he’s so cute! I’d talk to him if I could!” says the girl with a boyfriend she’s been dating for 2 years. When you’re a little past tipsy, and there’s music, and lights, and a man you drunkenly think is cute, it sometimes leads to a little more than talking. You’ll probably never see him again, and you might have to ask your friends what his name was the next morning.

3. Hitting on your waiter at brunch.

When he tells you the specials it’s like he’s talking dirty. Eggs benedict? Oh yeah. Perpetually single girls are exhausted by dating, but they are never too exhausted to spot a cute waiter. If you’re lucky enough to be seated at one of his tables, you may as well get a little innocent flirting out of it. You most likely have left your number as an extra tip once before.

4. Getting someone’s number (or giving yours out).

As soon as that guy your talking to finds out you don’t have a boyfriend he is going to get your number (if he’s interested), and if he’s shy, you’re most likely going to offer your number anyway. Sometimes you’re uninterested, and surrender it out of guilt. You’re too nervous to actually give him a fake number, and you’d probably screw up and give him an extra digit. “Oh, sorry it’s an international number…I’m visiting from France?”

5. Texting the person you gave your number to.

Getting a text from that guy you gave your number to is like getting exactly what you asked for on your birthday. On the other hand, if you reluctantly gave someone your number you’re even more reluctant to answer them when they text you.

6. Binge-watching your favorite show.

Or looking for your next show with ultimate binge-watching potential. You put on your go to comfy sweats and you’re warmest pair of socks, you get yourself a bowl (or two) of your favorite snack, and maybe a glass of wine, and you are one happy girl.

7. Snuggling up with a good book.

If you’re not much of a binge watcher, you’re just as happy losing yourself in a novel full of characters that you feel like you’re friends with, or at least want to be friends with.

8. Drunk eating pizza.

Pizza is like the eternally single girl’s friends with benefits. They’re always there for you at 2 am after everything else is closed, and delivery guarantees they always come to you. Extra cheese? Why not?

9. Sober eating pizza.

When you’re not eating pizza at 2 am, you’re eating pizza at 2 pm. You may as well be in a relationship. Pizza gets you, and always leaves you satisfied.

10. Thinking about texting your ex.

When you’re not texting another hopeful single, you’re debating whether or not to text your ex. You have an internal conversation of how much pride you’d actually have to swallow. Will he even answer you, and are you willing to take that chance? Is it worth it, or are you consciously digging your own grave?

11. Debating whether or not to have sex.

You’re unattached and uncommitted, so you have the freedom to have as much sex as you would like (or as little). There’s a lot of factors that affect your decision. Did you shave your legs? Did you just inhale 2 Chipotle burritos? Did you shower after the gym? 2 no’s out of 3 usually means your bed will not be shared with someone else.

12. Buying clothing for a date you don’t yet have.

That little black dress looks so good on you in the dressing room, but finding a place to wear it outside of the dressing room is your main problem. Unfortunately guys usually ask you to get drinks at an Irish pub, and not to have candle lit dinners on a yacht.

13. Reading articles on the internet that might answer why you’re still single.

You’ve most likely spent at least one Saturday night staying in reading online articles about love and relationships. 10 Signs You’re Doing Everything Wrong When It Comes To Modern Dating, click. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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