10 Things That Happen When You And Your BFF Are Single AF

Nicole Tarkoff
Nicole Tarkoff

1. Your attempt at wing woman somehow becomes a cock block.

You’d like to think that since you’re both single (AF) you could help each other out in the ‘picking up men’ department, but your expectations are not reality. You expect to meet two attractive young men that are also single AF, but usually one of them is engaged, and you’re stuck making small talk about what color icing his wedding cake will be. Then when your friend wants to go home with the single one, you make her walk back to your apartment with you instead. Wing woman turned cock block.

2. You both are harsh critics when it comes to dating.

Your BFF has your best interest at heart, so when she thinks you’re settling for less than you deserve, she is not afraid to voice her opinion. In her eyes, no one is good enough for you.

3. You both date jerks.

Which is most likely why you’re both still single.

4. You both know each other’s type.

When your BFF goes for the guy with a man bun covered in tattoos, it comes as no surprise. You both have a very distinct type of man you’re attracted to, and both of you are very familiar with exactly what type of man that is.

5. You have used each other to ward off men you’re not attracted to.

When that persistent guy at the bar can’t take a hint, you make up some excuse that your BFF willingly goes along with. “My friend isn’t feeling well. Bye.”

6. You have twin telepathy.

You’re not blood related, and you’re certainly not twins, but you are both fluent in the same unspoken language. When you’re not having fun you don’t need to say anything, she feels your pain.

7. You vicariously live through your BFF’s love life when you don’t have one.

When you’re going through a dry spell, and the only person you text on a daily basis is your mom and your best friend, you need someone’s love life to look forward to, and it is certainly not your own. You revel in happiness when your BFF screenshots you text messages and asks you what to say.

8. The world becomes a market of men.

When you two do anything together in public, the first thing you notice is how many cute guys are in your radius, and how many of them are single. “Cute boy behind you, don’t look. Wait, wait, damn that is definitely his girlfriend.”

9. You’ve both been asked if you were lesbian.

You walk into the bar holding hands, you dance together on the dance floor, you take selfies with kisses on cheeks, and it’s completely normal, but for some reason other people think you two are in a relationship that suggests more than friendship.

10. You both end up with each other at the end of the night.

After you’ve been out hopelessly flirting with random men, you come home with your BFF, put on your comfiest sweats, order a pizza, and wonder what in the world you’d do without each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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