10 Signs You’re In An Open Relationship With Wine

Twenty20 / kyle_tudor
Twenty20 / kyle_tudor

1. You have a go-to type.

Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, or maybe you’re more of a Merlot girl, either way you know what you want, and you always get it.

2. You don’t mind the cheap stuff.

You don’t discriminate on price. That 7.99 dollar bottle of Australian Pinot Grigio tastes just as good as the overpriced bottle from some city in France you’ve never heard of. You drink it so often, you’ve become accustomed to purchasing from the sale rack.

3. Wine has seen you at your worst.

Wine has been there for you when you lose your job, your boyfriend, or are just lost in life in general. Wine doesn’t only sticks around for the good parts; it supports you through thick and thin.

4. You drink it in airports.

What better way to kill time waiting for a flight than to enjoy a buttery glass of Chardonnay? Wine takes the edge off for any anxious flyer, and makes the flight a little more comfortable. And if you’re not an anxious flyer you drink it because…you can.

5. When you travel you check for wineries.

Or you travel to a specific destination solely because of their wine. Who’s up for a wine tasting? You are!

6. You own more than one piece of clothing with a wine stain on it.

If there is a deep red colored spot on your clothing, you know exactly what it is. Wine.

7. Your wine glass is usually on your counter.

And rarely ever in your cabinet. It’s like making the bed, why put it away if you’re just going to use it again?

8. You own a wine rack.

You love it so much you need to give it a proper resting place.

9. You check out the wine list before you dine somewhere.

You’re not on Yelp looking at the appetizers and entrees, you’re scoping out their wine menu. You’ll decide on what to eat when you get there.

10. People buy you wine for holidays and birthdays.

When you see the majority of your wrapped Christmas presents shaped like bottles, you’re not surprised. And if it isn’t a bottle, it’s a magnet with a quote that explains your obsession. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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