11 Signs Your Dog Is The Reason You’re Still Single

Twenty20 / sopheachoun
Twenty20 / sopheachoun

1. You leave dates early because you need to let him/her out.

But really you just want to go home to their adorable face that’s eternally happy to see you.

2. You won’t sleep over someone’s place because you can’t bear to let your dog sleep alone.

You’d rather let that cute guy sleep alone than your innocent little pal who has never done you wrong.

3. Your dog has been in the room when things get steamy between you and your romantic suitor.

When you’re hard core making out with someone and your dog starts licking your foot (or your partner’s), things just got weird.

4. You’ve talked about your dog’s poop on a date.

When you’re sitting in a fancy restaurant talking about how your dog needs to learn how to poop on a leash, it sort of kills the romance. Your date just went from imagining you naked to imagining your dog doing his business.

5. You take your dog on a date with you.

And not to a park for a picnic, more like Sunday brunch with mimosas, while your dog sits on your lap. When your dog eats off your date’s plate, you realize why you weren’t called back for a second one.

6. You spend more money on your dog’s maintenance than your own.

You bring your dog to the groomer for 65 dollars, and get your hair trimmed at Supercuts for 15. You’re fine with a messy bun, but sometimes you brush his/her hair more than your own. They deserve to feel pretty too!

7. You kiss your dog more often than your significant other, or potential romantic interests.

You want to smother them with love 24/7, your significant other, not so much.

8. You’ve cooked for your dog, but never for a date.

When your dog’s stomach is upset, you cook him white rice with ground beef, but if a guy asked you to cook him dinner…you wouldn’t.

9. You reserve many Friday nights for snuggling with your dog.

Netflix and chill? No thank you, your dog is a much better cuddler than that potential hookup.

10. You and your dog have a relationship that no other romantic partner can compete with.

You’ll never love that guy like you love your dog, which is probably a good thing.

11. You don’t feel the need to date anymore because you have him/her.

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