10 Signs You Might’ve Been In Love, But Didn’t Know It

Just because you never said it, doesn’t mean you didn’t feel it.
Twenty20 / Kaneshka
Twenty20 / Kaneshka

1. You loved to see them happy.

Their happiness was your happiness, and you would do anything to make them feel that way.

2. You did things for them without them asking.

They didn’t need to ask, you just did. You wouldn’t complain about it, or do it to be acknowledged or recognized. You did it because you cared about them.

3. They were the first person you wanted to share everything with.

When anything in your life happened, even the most simple, insignificant moments, they were the first person you wanted to call. You ran into your friend from high school, you spilled hot coffee on your white button down, you stepped in dog poop, whatever happened you wanted to let them know for reasons you couldn’t even figure out.

4. You valued their advice.

If they gave you advice you not only considered it, you would often listen and act accordingly. You felt they had your best interests in mind.

5. You cared about their opinion.

You loathed their judgement, and their opinion meant a lot to you. You’d sometimes let their opinion affect yours because you secretly wanted their approval even if you knew it was wrong.

6. You imagined a future with them.

Not in a creepy, ‘what would our children look like?’ way, but in way that making decisions about your future involved them. Whether that decision was about career, location, or whatever else, they had a significant influence on your choices.

7. You enjoyed doing things for them.

Similar to how they didn’t need to ask, doing things for them gave you both a sense of satisfaction.

8. You felt pain when they felt pain.

Their happiness was your happiness, and their pain was your pain. You two were like telepathic twins, and when one was hurting the other could feel it.

9. You told them things you didn’t tell anyone else.

You did this because you trusted them. You trusted that they would keep your secrets, and not take your sharing for granted. You couldn’t help but tell them things, because keeping something from them didn’t feel right. In your mind, everything you told them brought you two that much closer together.

10. You always wished them well, even if they hurt you.

Even when everything was over, you still wanted them to be happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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