Call Me A Tease, I Dare You

Twenty20 / armisan
Twenty20 / armisan

Go ahead, call me a tease. If that’s what makes you feel like more of a man, then feel free to flatter yourself because they’ll be no flattery from me.

If you say it in efforts of persuasion, it won’t lure me in, it will lead me out. You will say it and I will grimace an expression you have never seen from me before because your remark is so special it deserves that occasion.

Go ahead, call me a tease. If that’s your way of fighting back, then your sadly mistaken because my declining of your offer wasn’t meant to be a jab or hit, but I guess that’s what you’ve confused honesty for.

Call me a tease so that I feel unjustly apologetic because I shouldn’t have to feel sorry for wanting what I want, and not wanting what I don’t. If you think that title will make me feel sympathy for your sore ego, you’re wrong.

Call me a tease so that I question if I am one. Your confidence is exhausting so why not diminish mine while yours is receding? If I’m the tease then whose loss is it? Yours or mine?

Call me a tease because you’re full of disappointment, but realize it’s a product of your expectations. Don’t blame me for your assumptions, because it was your foolishness that made them.

Call me a tease so that you feel more desired because clearly if I’m teasing you it means I want you that much more, right? Keep telling yourself that.

Call me a tease because you think it will keep me coming back for more, and call me a tease again when I don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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