8 Signs You’re Just Pretending To Love Your Single Lifestyle

Twenty20 / marishkakuroedova
Twenty20 / marishkakuroedova

1. When you watch romantic comedies you wish it was your life.

You wish Ryan Gosling would kiss you in the pouring rain, you wish Leonardo DiCaprio would tell you he’ll never let go, and you strangely wish Tom Hanks would send you romantic emails using AOL Instant Messenger, dial-up tone included. You watch rom coms often, and every time you see one, you’re reminded of how single you are.

2. You think of really fun date ideas, but never go on them.

With Fall around the corner you’ve already imagined your romantic little outing to an orchard picking apples, but you end up going with your best friend instead. You’re either too scared to ask a potential date, or don’t have enough interest in anyone to ask. You wouldn’t want your lovely date idea to be wasted on someone who wasn’t worth it. You’re chock full of evenings that venture beyond the basic dinner and a movie, you just need to make one happen.

3. Every time you meet someone you’re attracted to you imagine them as your S.O.

When you imagine someone you just met as your potential boyfriend or girlfriend, you know you’re not the happiest single person alive. You clearly want a relationship, your imagination is telling you so.

4. You go out a lot.

The reason why you’re going out so much might be because you’re looking for a potential suitor. When you’re at a different bar every Friday night, you are trying to see what’s out there, and the bar isn’t necessarily what you’re interested in. It’s the people in the bar.

5. You look your best all of the time.

When you’re leaving the apartment to go grocery shopping, and you put lipstick on before you leave, you’re secretly hoping you meet someone at the deli counter. Your desire to look good might be for yourself, but your desire to look good all of the time is most likely for others, especially potential boyfriends or girlfriends.

6. You don’t like going to events where you know there is no one you’ll be attracted to.

You go to your niece’s 3rd birthday party because you’re a good aunt or uncle, but you know while you’re there, there won’t be any ‘mingle’ to your ‘single.’ Most singles like to go places where they can meet people they’re attracted to, but you’re hoping for more than plain attraction. You hope that attraction will turn to something more, like a relationship.

7. You use free online dating apps for more than just hook ups.

You like to say you’re well aware of Tinder boy’s intentions, but you secretly hope he’s not just messaging you to hit it and quit it. You become disappointed when you figure out he is.

8. You constantly remind yourself about the cons of relationships.

You’re doing this because a part of you knows you want one. When you think of what it would be like to be your crush’s girlfriend, you tell yourself it would be horrible. You’d have to adjust your starfish sleep position to a curled up snail, you’d have to have burgers for dinner instead of sushi, and you’d have to wear a cute lacy bra instead of your comfy sports one, but for every con you remind yourself of, there’s a pro. You’d be having a lot more sex, you’d probably have a happy glow, and you’d be overall less bored with your life. The cons make you see the pros just as clearly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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