18 Things You Do With Your Girl Best Friend That You Can’t Do With Your Boyfriend

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Twenty20 / amyjhumphries

1. Talking about sex…that you have with your boyfriend.

You could talk about this to your boyfriend, and it would probably make you both better performers in the act, but similar to how you wouldn’t want to hear his complaints about your sex life, he probably doesn’t want to hear yours. It often leads to hurt feelings rather than constructive criticism. This is what your girl best friend is for. Tired of his weird method of foreplay, or his tendencies to make it a quickie? Tell your best friend. Talking to him about this is a touchy subject, but your girl best friend often has great advice to help.

2. Complaining about relationship problems.

When your boyfriend is driving you absolutely crazy, you always have your best friend to complain to. Whether it’s his boxers he leaves on your bathroom floor, or the toilet seat he never puts down, your daily relationship annoyances can’t be talked about with him because you’ll just be nagging. Your best friend hates it, but she listens anyway, she is all ears, or at least pretends to be.

3. Sharing makeup.

Your boyfriend most likely doesn’t wear mascara or eye shadow, at least not on a daily basis. Your best friend’s long lashes, rosy cheeks, and full lips are extremely impressive, and she is more than willing to let you rummage through her makeup bag so you can achieve the same beauty. Your boyfriend can tell you you’re beautiful, but your best friend can lend you the makeup to make it possible.

4. Seeking hair advice.

Even if you boyfriend has long luscious locks, chances are he doesn’t run them through a straightener or curling iron. Your best friend always has tips on how to make your hair look more like you stepped out of a shampoo ad, and less like you just finished having sex.

5. Borrowing hair accessories.

You turn to your girl best friend when you need a hair tie, not your boyfriend, even if he does have a man bun, his hair bands probably aren’t up to your standard of quality.

6. Watching rom coms.

Sure, you can watch rom coms with your boyfriend, but then you have to listen to him complain about it later, or you owe him something in return. Your girl best friend will sit and watch a rom com with you even if she hates them, and she won’t force you to watch a horror or action movie afterwards because of it.

7. Shopping for clothes that aren’t about sex appeal.

If you go shopping with your boyfriend he either picks out all turtle necks and oversized sweaters, or skin tight v necks with leggings and/or yoga pants. Your boyfriend thinks about clothes in terms of how much of your body will be showing in them, but your best friend thinks about fashion. She doesn’t pick out the oversized sweater because she wants to hide your sexy curves, she picks it out because she thinks it’s cute. Even if you are shopping for sex worthy clothing with your BFF, there’s less pressure when you’re with her. You’ll try on that weird low cut top that snaps on and off by your lady parts because your best friend won’t judge you for it.

8. Sharing clothes that you can actually go out in.

There’s nothing that compares to your boyfriend’s soft cotton t-shirt, and as much as you wish you could wear that out to the new dance club that just opened, you can’t. Your girl best friend has those short skimpy dresses hanging in her closet that are perfect to borrow for that one night a month (or week, or year) when you need them.

9. Talking about periods.

Your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear talk about discharge or how heavy your flow is, he just needs to know when you’re on it and when you’re not. Your girl best friend is more than happy to listen to your female irregularities, and she can definitely relate to them.

10. She has tampons.

Your girl best friend has tampons when you need them (ideally); your boyfriend doesn’t.

11. Having emotional vent sessions.

Speaking of periods, you know those moments when you cry at absolutely anything for no apparent reason? Your best friend is more understanding when these moments happen. Your boyfriend just thinks you’re being an emotional weirdo or head case, which you kind of are, but your girl best friend gets it. You don’t need to explain to her why you’re crying over the extra salt in your morning omelet, she knows.

12. Referring gynecologists.

Your girl best friend has a vagina. Your boyfriend doesn’t. She can refer you to good gynos when you need them.

13. Talking about vaginas.

See above. Your boyfriend knows about them (hopefully), but he doesn’t have one.

14. Talking about pregnancy.

This would probably just freak your boyfriend out. Even if you know you are 100 percent not ready for a baby, or you know that you 100 percent never want to have one, your girl best friend is open to talking about it, and isn’t scared to do so. You two can discuss anything on the topic, your immense fear of labor, how your life would be different if you had a mini-you running around, or how you’d raise them to be the coolest kid alive. The point is you and your girl best friend have fun discussing these things, while your boyfriend is probably squirming in discomfort.

15. Talking about marriage and weddings.

It’s risky to talk about marriage to your boyfriend, especially if you don’t see yourself marrying him. With your girl best friend you can discuss anything and everything to do with marriage because you’re definitely not going to marry her. You two can imagine your dress, your cake, what you’d be like as a wife, or you can talk about how stupid you find the idea of weddings and marriage altogether. Whether you two imagine being single cougars or wifed up MILFS, marriage talk doesn’t freak either of you out like it does your boyfriend.

16. Waxing recommendations.

It can be embarrassing to talk about waxing with your boyfriend, plus he won’t have any personal recommendations for where to go for the best services, your BFF will.

17. Boob talk.

Complaining about your boobs to your boyfriend is tiring for the both of you. He thinks of your boobs as fun additions to your body that make everything more enjoyable, and he’s just happy they’re there. With your girl best friend you can talk about all aspects of your lady lumps and she’s not going to get aroused or try to touch them while you’re doing so. When you wiggle them around as you complain about the fit of your bra, or wipe the sweat from between your cleavage, she just relates and laughs because she has them too and understands, no matter how big or small.

18. Talking about guys you have a crush on.

Telling your boyfriend about other guys you’re crushing on is not an enjoyable experience, even if they are unattainable like Ryan Gosling or George Clooney. He doesn’t want to listen or watch you oogle over other men. Your girl best friend on the other hand, doesn’t mind at all. You’re not cheating, you’re just admiring the cute bartender who poured you a delicious shot of Fireball, and your best friend doesn’t become jealous when you talk about just how cute he really is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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