10 Signs You’re Young And Still Figuring Life Out

Twenty20 / LariStreule
Twenty20 / LariStreule

1. When people ask you what you want to do in terms of a career, you don’t have a complete answer.

You know your likes and interests, but you thought that’s what a hobby was for. Do people actually make careers out of their passions and talent? Is it acceptable to say, I want to change lives and be successful? What does ‘successful’ even mean? You have a million thoughts running through your head when people ask you this question, but you usually give them a simple answer. “I’m thinking something with business, maybe marketing.” You try to say something all-encompassing with hopes they won’t question you any further.

2. The job you’re currently working is ‘just temporary.’

Being someone’s assistant isn’t something you’re extremely passionate about, but you tell yourself it’s a source of income, and a resume builder. Maybe you’ll even get a good reference for when you apply to that unknown dream job of yours that may or may not exist.

3. You spend rent money on things that are clearly not your rent.

You begin to second guess buying those new pair of shoes that you really didn’t need, especially when your rent is due and your bank account has a balance that can’t buy you a slice of pizza. You’re still figuring out how to budget. You’ll learn eventually.

4. Your health isn’t always top priority.

You binge drink every Saturday even when you wake up on Sunday with a massive hangover and tell yourself you’ll never drink again. You hear it can’t be good for your liver, but try telling that to the cute guy who asks you out for drinks. You want to enjoy yourself and have fun, and your health often falls second to that.

5. Your living space is messy more than it’s clean.

You like to think of yourself as organized, but your bedroom tells you otherwise. You don’t have time to worry about hanging clothes, you’ve got more important things to figure out, like your purpose and self-worth.

6. Your fridge is full of the most random foods that you never want to eat.

When your friend opens your fridge and asks you why you have clam juice, you know you need to rethink your food shopping capabilities. Real adults stock their fridge with things like eggs, milk, and vegetables; you have Coke Zero and a jar of Greek olives. What’s for dinner?

7. You have stories from the weekend you wouldn’t tell your coworkers or parents about.

You might not want your boss to find out you threw up in an Uber on your way home from the bar Saturday night, and you especially don’t want your mom knowing. You’re still trying to figure out how to be responsible on the weekends.

8. You’re terribly confused by your love life.

One day you’re in a happy, monogamous relationship, the next day you’re wishing you could hookup with the attractive guy who clearly just eye-fucked you. You always want what you don’t have, and you think the grass is greener on the other side, but even you can’t figure out what you really want. Do you even know what ‘love’ truly is? Does anyone?

9. You get anxious thinking about the future.

You’d rather just keep living in the present. There are too many questions you don’t have answers to, and you’re not sure you have the energy to think about them. You don’t want to worry about where you’ll be in five years because you’re too worried about making it through the month, let alone the day.

10. You compare yourself to others often.

You question your decisions so you compare them to everyone else’s. I’m sure that girl who’s posting photos of her new career in the big city is happy, but she’s not you. You can’t live life with the desire to impress others, you have to live your life for you first. Everyone has a different path, and we all experience uncertainties somewhere along the way. Don’t feel bad because you think that everyone else has life figured out, feel great because figuring it out is the fun part. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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