The Opposite of Ladylike: 5 ‘Promiscuous’ Things Women Do That Are Actually Empowering

Twenty20 / jmbaldoz
Twenty20 / jmbaldoz

1. Wear revealing clothing.

When women wear a low cut top that bares their cleavage and a skirt that leaves little to the imagination, it isn’t necessarily a means of getting attention. A man staring at her breasts doesn’t make her feel better about herself, if anything it makes her uncomfortable, but showing off the part of her body that she loves the most makes her feel good. If a girl loves her shoulders, she wears a strapless dress. If she loves her legs, she wears a short skirt, and there’s nothing wrong with that. People express themselves through clothing, and revealing clothes do more than just reveal a woman’s body, they reveal how she feels about her body.

2. Post sexy photos to social media.

Whether a woman is taking a more progressive approach and tweeting a photo of herself strolling through the grocery store naked, or simply posting a selfie of her poolside bikini bod, she is proud of her body, and she wants the world to know it. The male commentary means nothing to her. The basically anonymous, “Dayum girl,” from some twitter follower, Bballboy89, does not empower her, the vulnerable position she puts herself in by tweeting out the photo does. She’s saying, “This is me, like it or not, here I am.”

3. Take nude photos.

Not many women are completely comfortable naked. It’s hard enough to stand in front of your own mirror, let alone a locker room full of different shapes and sizes. When a woman takes a photo of herself nude she’s photographing more than just boobs and ass. She doesn’t always need to be sexualized. The photo in her phone of her bare skinned body doesn’t necessarily say, “Come fuck me.” It says, “This is my body, and I’m proud of it.” or at least curious enough to look at it and not cringe. Whether she sends it to someone or not, simply capturing herself this way is forcing her to come to terms with a part of who she is in that moment.

4. Talk openly about sex.

Sex can be a personal and intimate subject that makes many women uncomfortable, which is probably why words like va jay jay and hoo hah were created, but when a woman can freely say the words orgasm and clitoris, it is in a way empowering. It’s stereotypically un-ladylike to talk about sex in a public setting, but that’s simply because women are hesitant to do it. Of course if you’re dining next to a family of 5 you’re not going to shout across the table, “he made me come 8 times last night,” but a woman who’s not afraid to discuss a basic act of human satisfaction feels empowered when doing so. And she doesn’t need to do it with words that sound like they belong in a kindergarten classroom.

5. Partake in casual sex.

Casual sex might be thought of as the opposite of empowering for women, but when a woman willingly has a one night stand simply because she wants to, it can make her feel on top of the world. Whether she just experienced heartbreak, or simply hasn’t had sex in years, getting something she desires makes her feel good in that moment. She sees what she wants behind the window, so she goes inside the store to buy it, and she doesn’t have to justify her reasoning to anyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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