7 Signs You’re Passing Up The Nice Guy You Think You Don’t Want

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Twenty20 / luzaichalyssa

You can’t force a connection with someone that you know just isn’t there, but sometimes you overlook a person before a connection has any chance to begin. This is what happens when you pass up the nice guy you thought you didn’t want, who might actually be good for you.

1. Every time you’re screwed over by another jerk, you think of him.

When that lame kid you’ve been texting for weeks suddenly stops talking to you, the nice guy you passed up is the one person you think of. And each time you say to yourself, “He would never do this to me.” You’re right, he wouldn’t, which is why you should start thinking about giving him a chance.

2. He’s there for you when you get screwed over by the other jerks.

When that jerk does screw you over, this nice guy isn’t only on your thoughts, but he’s there to pick up the pieces that the other guy left broken. He is a shoulder to cry on, and most likely wants to be more. You might find him to be too predictable because you love being kept close to the edge, but look where it has gotten you before. Don’t mistake predictability for the respect that you deserve.

3. He helps you with guy problems that don’t involve him.

It lessens his chances of you ever falling in love with him, but he can’t resist helping you when you need him. He wants to be there for you because he can’t stand to see you struggle, and he most certainly can’t stand to see you unhappy. His help is selfless; he’s only thinking about you.

4. All of your friends and family tell you to give him a chance.

Your friends and family sometimes know you better than you know yourself. When they tell you to give him a chance it’s because they think you deserve the best, even if you don’t believe it.

5. He constantly says nice things about you to your friends.

Your friends are always telling you how he talks about you, and it’s more than simply saying you’re beautiful or smart. He talks about how he loves the way you do things; the way you laugh awkwardly when you’re uncomfortable, the way you become quiet when you’re thinking deep thoughts, the way you make small talk with complete strangers, it’s the little things he notices that make you, you, and he loves everything about them.

6. His nice gestures seem friendly instead of romantic.

If the guy who leaves you guessing about his feelings were to buy you flowers you’d find it to be extremely romantic, but if the nice guy who’s always there for you buys you flowers you see it more as a friendly gift, or even worse you find it to be too forward and clingy. The nice guy’s nice gestures are equivalent to the asshole’s nice gestures, you just see them in different ways. Don’t be scared by the nice guy who buys you flowers simply because you question if you feel the same connection he does, just be flattered by the gesture.

7. You could not talk to him for a long period of time, and he still cares about how you’re doing.

The months that pass between each time you see him don’t matter. He isn’t spiteful or angry when you haven’t talked to him in a while and then reach out, he’s just glad to hear your voice when you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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