6 Times It’s Okay To Not Give A F*ck

Twenty20 / LariStreule
Twenty20 / LariStreule

1. When you’re worried what others will think. That phrase, “dance like no one is watching,” is the epitome of not giving a fuck when you’re worried what others will think. You can’t control how other people see you, you can only control how you see yourself. Don’t live life worrying what everyone else is thinking about you. Live your life according to you, your sanity, and your happiness. Not everyone has to approve or favor your decisions, they just have to live with them, and so do you. If you want to dance like a maniac, dance. If you want to jump in the water with all of your clothes on (or off), then jump. Other people aren’t stopping you from living your life the way you want to, you are.

2. When you’re rejected for something you can’t control. Whether the cute guy at the bar just isn’t interested, or your dream employer turned you down, don’t let it stop you from trying again. Not for the same guy, or job, but another one of your ambitious endeavors. This is a great time to not give a fuck, because this most likely will not be the last rejection you experience in your life. Don’t let rejection discourage you, let it motivate you. DGAF and get back on that metaphorical horse.

3. When you’ll never see someone again. We all have those moments when we come across someone who we wish did not exist. It could be that drunk man on the subway who won’t stop blatantly staring at your boobs, or it could be the random girl who cut you in line for the bathroom you’ve been waiting for, for the past hour. The perfect time to not give a fuck is when you know you won’t ever see this terrible human being again. So go for it. Tell that guy there’s an entire world wide web where he can see a whole lot more, and tell that girl to wait like all the other regular people in line. DGAF.

4. When you know you’re doing the right thing. There is no better time to not give a fuck than when you know you’re actions are completely justified. So go ahead and live a little. Blatantly don’t hold the elevator for the guy who just told you off in your morning meeting. And feel free to sneak that opened water bottle into the football stadium. Because one, that guy deserves it, and two, the stadium is just going to charge you 5 dollars for their bottled water anyway. You’re convinced it’s right and if you have to bend the rules a little bit or break social etiquette, so be it.

5. When whatever you’re doing benefits your physical, mental, or emotional health. Don’t let your health become your last priority. Whatever or whoever is exhausting you, and forcing you to become a miserable zombie, let it go! Do what you need to do to get your healthy self back, and don’t think so much about who else might be affected as a result. Meditate on the train if you have to. Breathe deeply when your boss is giving you grief. Tell that friend who won’t stop venting about her ex that she should just get over it. Your main concern is your stability, and the result of not giving a fuck might just bring you that balance back.

6. When the end result will be the same no matter what. If you find yourself in a Catch 22, it won’t really matter if any fucks are given. When there is an inevitable end that is patiently waiting for you, or a perpetual lull that is keeping you in the same place, you should feel free to throw your inhibitions to the wind. Stirring things up, might just make life a little more interesting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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