17 Cool Things You Can Pull Off Way Better In Photos When You Do Them With Your Significant Other

1. Basically flying in mid air.

2. Actually flying through mid air.

3. This is how you grocery shop.

4. Saving you from puddles that you’re fine walking through, but just because.

5. Swimming in waterfalls.

6. 99…100…101.

7. That’s pretty cool.

8. Underwater pics are the best.

9. You can imitate the Titanic.

10. Even when you’re 80, you still got it.

11. Selfie sticks.

12. Learning how to skateboard.

13. Corny couple clothes.

14. When you want to pig out, but not alone…(How does he have a 6 pack with those munchies)

15. Exotic travel photos.

16. Cute couple home decor.

17. Bath robe mirror selfies.

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