14 Signs Your Almost Boyfriend Is About To Ghost You That You’re Probably In Denial About

Twenty20 / adiolunsford
Twenty20 / adiolunsford

1. When you talk about future plans they suddenly become really quiet. Even if you’re only discussing what restaurant you’re going to eat at next weekend, they never give you a definite confirmation that they’re up for it. We are talking about next week, not the next 3 years.

2. When they talk about future plans, you’re not in them. It’s bad enough they don’t care what you’re doing next week, but when they let you know what they’re doing and you’re clearly not included, they aren’t sticking around for much longer. It’s easy to invite you to the tailgate with his buddies, so if he doesn’t there’s a reason.

3. They don’t text or call you as often as they used to. When they go from enthusiastically texting you good morning each day, to not responding when you ask them what they’re up to, they’re gradually ghosting you.

4. They stop caring about who else you might possibly be hooking up with. When you’re in an almost relationship, technically you’re still free to see other people because you’re not mutually exclusive, but when your almost boyfriend stops caring about who else might be your almost boyfriend, he no longer wants to be involved. When you tell him you’re meeting up with your fuck buddy from college and he indifferently nods his head, he doesn’t care what or who you’re doing.

5. You feel like they don’t want to have sex as often. If they no longer want to do the one fun activity that keeps them interested, they are probably planning to stop talking to you altogether.

6. Or all you guys do is have sex. When he only texts you in order to sleep with you he clearly has no emotions invested. It won’t be hard for him to leave you abruptly with no explanation at all.

7. You don’t see him for weeks. He’s slowly disappearing, and by slowly I mean he’s probably already gone.

8. They read your texts and blatantly ignore you. A main reason he turned his read receipt setting on is so that you know when he’s not answering. He isn’t busy and his phones not dead, he just doesn’t want to talk to you.

9. He asks you to get tested. For STDs. He knows once he ghosts you and his balls start itching he won’t be able to ask you if you gave him crabs.

10. They start traveling a lot. When they are suddenly “away” every weekend, they’re not really “away” they’re just avoiding you.

11. His friends start asking you where you’ve been. You know it’s bad when his friends care more about you than he does.

12. They open your snapchats, but don’t answer your texts. If he’s ignoring your texts, but opens your snapchats he clearly just wants to see whether or not you’ve sent him a sexy photo. He knows you can see when he opens them, he just doesn’t care. If he gets a sexy pic out of the situation that’s all that matters.

13. They only communicate with you on snapchat. If he stops texting you altogether and only snapchats you, it’s his way of getting to see your pretty face and cute bod without actually talking to it.

14. If you don’t have sex with him until X number of dates and when you finally give it up his communication becomes minimal, you’re about to be ghosted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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