13 Signs Your Male Best Friend Wants To Have Sex With You

Twenty20 / j_park3r
Twenty20 / j_park3r

1. He’s always eager to remind you that you can crash at his place.

Being drunk at his place at the end of your Saturday night is nothing to be suspicious of, but when he asks you to stay over on a Monday night after you made him watch The Bachelorette finale, he might not mean on his couch.

2. If you pass a Victoria’s Secret, he half jokingly asks if you want to go in and buy something.

This means one thing, he is thinking about you in your panties, and he has definitely thought about getting you out of them.

3. He takes every opportunity to touch you.

He loves to place his hand on the small of your back and lead you out the door. Any excuse he has to touch you he will certainly take advantage of.

4. He asks you about your sex life.

When he casually questions how your love life is, he probably doesn’t want to know who you’re going out to dinner with, he wants to know whether or not you’re having sex, and who you’re having sex with. This allows him to gauge how much of a chance he actually has. If you have no sex at all, he’ll take it as a challenge. If you have sex with only 10s he’ll still take it as a challenge.

5. He talks about his sex life.

He wants to let you know he’s having sex so that you picture him doing it. He most likely thinks you’re going to imagine him as some smooth stallion making a girl orgasm like she never has before, but you probably don’t want to picture him having sex at all. And if you do, you try to remove that image from your head as quickly as possible.

6. You catch him looking at your boobs (a lot).

Or your ass. When he looks at your body in places he can’t touch it’s because he’s imagining what it would be like to be able to do so.

7. He always tells you when he thinks a girl is hot.

When you’re out to eat and he tells you how sexy he thinks the waitress is, he is voicing his honest opinion, but he’s also trying to make you see him in that light. The light of him picking up girls and possibly banging them.

8. He asks whether or not you think certain guys are hot.

When you’re at the bar and he scans the room, and says “How about that guy?” He is trying to see who you’d potentially have sex with, and how he measures up to them. If you say you think a guy is hot who he feels is equally as sexable as he is, he knows he has a chance.

9. Your friends tell you he wants to have sex with you.

You modestly deny it, to avoid sounding like a conceited bitch, but part of you might agree with them when they explain their reasoning.

10. He has casual slips of suggestive language.

When he comes over before you go out and you rush to answer the door in your little dress and heels, he accidentally says, “Damn.” And you secretly love it.

11. He tries to hangout with you at night more often than he does during the day.

When he asks you to dinner and you tell him you’d much rather do lunch, his brutal disappointment speaks for itself. He usually persuades you to hangout at night, and it’s because he has a better chance of sleeping with you after dark than during casual luncheon conversation.

12. He constantly tells you, “You have to see this movie.”

Just so he has an excuse to watch with you, and have as much hand touching as possible when you both reach for the popcorn at the same time.

13. He likes to get you drunk.

You never have to ask if he wants another round because he always ask you first. He’s never apprehensive to buy you your third beer, or fourth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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