11 Benefits Of Being The Single Third Wheel To Your BFF’s Boyfriend

Flickr / Aslak Raanes
Flickr / Aslak Raanes

People tend to see the negatives of third wheeling, especially if you’re single, but there are more perks to this dysfunctional tricycle than you realize!

1. You realize all the good things about being single.

Your BFF wants sushi for dinner and he wants a burger. While they were fighting over what to eat, you realized you’re completely grateful that you can go home and eat whatever the hell you want.

2. You get a lot of the boyfriend perks because you’re her best friend.

He can’t order your BFF a vodka cranberry at the bar, and not you. That’s just wrong, and if he tries your best friend will definitely say something and he’ll end up buying you one anyway.

3. Sometimes you get free vacations.

So your BFF’s boyfriend has a mountain house, hello weekend in the mountains sipping hot chocolate and learning how to ski.

4. He might run into his cute friend from college.

In which case, he will definitely introduce you. This is when you cross your fingers and hope his extremely attractive frat brother is single. When you find out he is, you instantly ask your friend to go to the bathroom so you can talk about him, and not pee.

5. You have two people to look out for you instead of just one!

When you get obscenely drunk there will be two shoulders to lean on and hold you up on your walk home. Or when that creepy guy tries to get you to walk home with him, they’ll make sure you don’t.

6. You constantly have access to a guy’s point of view.

You’re not afraid to ask him embarrassing questions because you know your best friend will have your back if he judges you. “So is it okay for me to hit on him first AND ask him for his number, or just one or the other?”

7. You become really good at making peace.

Gandhi should be your middle name. With the amount of fights you have settled, you may as well charge them for couple’s therapy. 20 dollars an hour will suffice.

8. You get a glimpse of the non-romantic side of relationships.

When your BFF pops the pimple on his chin you realize having a boyfriend isn’t all roses and chocolate.

9. Your BFF tells you TMI sex stories and you secretly interpret them as advice/warnings.

Dually noted.

10. You learn how to handle awkward situations, and eventually forget what awkward even feels like.

A picture of the three of you with his lips pressed against your BFF’s cheek and you standing with your arms by your side, hands folded in front of you would be awkward for a normal person. You’re a seasoned professional! Bring on the photos and the flash! Nothing makes you feel awkward.

11. You realize you’re thankful your best friend attempts to include you at all.

Your BFF is not one of those people who gets a boyfriend and drops off the face of the planet. She makes sure to maintain the friendship, even if it means you have to third wheel. You’d do anything for her! You like to think of it more as a tripod, where all three legs belong! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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