When You’re Sick Of Hearing, ‘You Deserve Better’

Flickr / Emily Hildebrand
Flickr / Emily Hildebrand

“You deserve better,” said the boy who just hurt you. If he believes that to be true, you wonder why he couldn’t be that person. If he means what he says, and you deserve everything he is not, someone who is honest, someone who won’t take your love for granted, someone who loves you the same amount in return and never uses it against you, then why haven’t you found it yet?

“You deserve better,” said the consoling friend. She means well, and tells you it’s the truth, but you’ve heard it before. You nod your head in agreement, partly believing what she says, but it doesn’t change the reality of your situation.

“You deserve better,” said the family member who you know has your best interest at heart. You wonder what “better” is, and how to find it.

“You deserve better,” said everyone who has ever loved you after you’ve been hurt. For every question you ask yourself each time you hear this phrase that sounds like some kind of consolation prize, remember the reason these people said it. Remember that the person who couldn’t be, and will never be, the person you deserve tells you this because they admire a large part of the person that you are, and they realize you haven’t found someone who can appreciate not just a large part of you, but all parts.

You deserve something that no one has shown you yet. They say, “better,” but you won’t know what “better” is until you find the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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