11 Signs You’re A Tween Stuck In A Somewhat Adult’s Body

Flickr / Guilherme Yagui
Flickr / Guilherme Yagui

1. You love listening to One Direction.

Before you go out with your friends you dance around in your bathroom mirror, a glass of Pinot Grigio resting on your sink, and “What Makes You Beautiful” is blasting in the background, and of course you’re singing along.

2. One Direction lyrics speak to your soul.

“We’re only getting older baby, And I’ve been thinking about it lately. Does it ever drive you crazy? Just how fast the night changes?” OMG Harry you’re tugging at my heart strings.

3. You envy 13-year-olds.

The way they gossip about whether or not *Derek* “likes them back,” or how *Amy* is “totally just using him to make you jealous.” You secretly wish these childish conversations were still even in your vocabulary. Life was so juicy back then.

4. You have a boy band poster in your bedroom.

Backstreet Boys “Millennium.” You know the one I’m talking about, where they are all dressed in white tuxedos looking suave and dapper as ever.

5. You love to partake in little habits you did when you were a teenager.

Anyone have a quarter? I really want a gum ball. What?! It’s Dubble Bubble!

6. You like to paint your nails all different colors.

I can’t choose between green or pink. That baby blue is super cute too. I’ll take them all! I’ll follow a pattern of course. Green, blue, pink, green, blue, pink.

7. You still have those jelly bracelets.

After all these years, you’ve held on to them. How could you throw them away? These were like the anthem to your glory days. You took them with you to your new apartment, and they are sitting in your jewelry box as we speak.

8. You kept your 7th grade diary.

You love reading back on the person you once were, and the tweenish worries that consumed your naive little brain.

9. You wish you could bring a sleeping bag when you stay over your friend’s place.

Let’s do it like old times and sleep on the floor in our Lion King sleeping bags!

10. You wish it was socially acceptable to play hopscotch.

Or any other recess games you used to love. Who doesn’t love to jump rope or play four square? Playgrounds, those look like fun.

11. You love spending time with family relatives who are at that age.

If only they loved spending time with you too. They just see you as the weird old cousin who tries to relate to them, but doesn’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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