9 Terribly Unfortunate Effects Of Being The Younger Sibling

Amazon / The Goldbergs
Amazon / The Goldbergs

1. Your parents learned from their mistakes with your older sibling/s

If your older sibling got into tons of trouble, but more than often got away with it, your parents have built up an excellent stamina for mischievous behavior. By the time you get to that age, they are professionals at sniffing out trouble, and you most certainly will not get away with it like your brother or sister did. Your parents know the secret sock drawer now, so you might want to find a new hiding spot for whatever substance you’re keeping from them.

2. The younger you are in the sibling line up, the less your parents care about you

Your parents have become so exhausted with your older siblings’ shenanigans, that they have no energy left to worry about your trials and tribulations. “Hey Mom, I’m going out with a 32 year- old who’s picking me up on his motorcycle. I’ll probably be home tomorrow morning.” She remains reading her newspaper, “Sure, honey sounds good.”

3. Hand-me-downs

There’s nothing like a stained K-mart sweater for your first day of school that says, “Hey, I’m cool be my friend.” If you have an older sibling of the same sex, this happens a lot. If you have an older sibling of the opposite sex, it happens all the same, flashbacks to your mom dressing you in your older brother’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt. Thanks Mom.

4. Age requirements

Your sister didn’t start dating until college, well you better enjoy high school without a boyfriend. Your older brother didn’t get his driver’s permit until he was 18…Looks like you won’t be driving until you can vote in the next presidential election. Even though you and your sibling are completely different people, your parents will most likely hold all of the same standards of their life to yours, and the age at which they happen.

5. Comparisons

Unfortunately, people will always compare you to your older sibling, your parents included. “Your sister never gave us this much attitude about cleaning her room.” Well, that’s because her room was always clean. Again, you may be the only person who fully understands that you and your older sibling are not the same people. So try not to become too frustrated when other people compare you and assume that you are.

6. Teachers judge you based on your siblings behavior

When you have the same teachers as your older sibling later down the line, it can go one of two ways. Either the teacher loved your older sibling so they make your academic life a little easier, or your older sibling made that teacher’s life a living hell, so they make sure to return the favor. When the teacher reads your last name while taking attendance on the first day, she will either grimace like she’s in pain, or smile like it’s her birthday. Your older sibling will decide this fate. Let’s just hope your older brother didn’t piss off the gym teacher, or you’ll end up doing extra jumping jacks for eternity.

7. Living in the shadows

Unfortunately, having an older sibling can mean there will be large shoes to fill, and your feet won’t always be big enough. Sometimes it sucks to be the emo Ashlee to your perky Jessica Simpson sister, but that’s just life. You’ll both have your shining moments, just in very different ways at very different times.

8. No one seems to understand you have different athletic abilities

Just because my brother runs 12 miles a day, doesn’t mean I do. You won’t find 12 pairs of running shoes in my car or closet, and you won’t find bronze or gold necklaces hanging from my door knob. Biology alone can explain this one. Some siblings are more athletically blessed than others, and that’s just something you and everyone else has to accept.

9. Your parents have exhausted all financial funds for your older siblings

And there’s not much left for you. Looks like you’ll need to earn a scholarship for college. Oh, and if you want a nice wedding, hopefully you find a spouse with rich parents. Your parents have already spent all their money on your older siblings’ extravagant needs, and as the siblings dwindle down, so will the amount of money they are willing to spend on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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