8 Things That Happen When You Have A Tattoo No One Knows About

Flickr / Merve illeux
Flickr / Merve illeux

Tattoos are the new wearable art form, but what about the people who don’t display this wearable art so openly? Your rib cage, the bottom of your foot, your butt cheek, wherever your secret tattoo is hiding, these are common things that happen when someone finds the X that marks the spot.

1. “Oh, wow! I didn’t know you had a tattoo!”

This could happen in a variety of situations. Usually it is when you are less than fully clothed with someone for the first time, and usually it is because you have a romantic interest in them, or at least physical. Truth is, all of your friends have most likely seen you at least half naked, so they know if you have a tattoo or not. Whoever it is, the response is always the same, “Oh, yeah. That’s my tattoo.”

2. “How come you decided to get it there?”

The answer to this question comes in many forms depending on the person. Some people pick a hidden spot purposely for reasons such as careers or hiding it from your parents when your in high school. Others just coincidentally like a placement on the body that happens to be clothed in everyday routine. And some got it when they were extremely intoxicated, in which case not much reasoning was involved at all.

3. “What does it mean?”

This applies to anyone with a tattoo, not just the hidden ones. You don’t mind explaining the story or meaning, but this question is guaranteed to be asked. When you get a tattoo you give up all rights to be annoyed with people asking.

4. “Do you have anymore I don’t know about?”

This is where I wish I had a lip tattoo so I could really freak people out.

5. “Do your parents know?”

If you can keep it a secret from your parents, more power to you. If your parents don’t care anyway, awesome. Either way, it’s funny how people assume parents automatically disapprove of tattoos. It’s also funny how many parents do.

6. “Did it hurt?”

The answer varies on how tough the person wants to pretend that they are. They all hurt at least a little. Let’s be honest, a needle injecting ink into your skin isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

7. “Were you nervous/scared?”

Chances are you weren’t terrified, maybe a little nervous, especially if it was your first, but you had an idea of what you were getting yourself into.

8. “I’ve always wanted to get one.”

That’s cool. Now you expect me to question all of the details. Where, what, when, why? You still haven’t gotten it yet though… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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