18 Texts From Your Ex That Explain Any Type Of Ex You Could Ever Have

1. The exes who actually don’t want you to reply.

2. The ex who takes back their belongings.

3. The grumpy ex.

4. The ex who just doesn’t get the hint (that you’re over it).

5. The sex who has bad luck with autocorrect. **EX.

6. The spiteful ex (who you secretly laugh at).

7. The drunk ex.

8. The ex who tries to be cute. Keyword: tries.

9. The scummy ex who doesn’t understand he’s scummy.

10. The desperate ex.

11. The clever ex.

12. The ex who is far too concerned with social media.

13. The emotional ex who you have no sympathy for.

14. The ex convict.

15. The creepy ex.

16. The ex who tries to replace you with Tinder.

17. The ex who throws away your stuff.

18. The ex who solves his own problems. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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