16 Drinks That Tell You Everything You Need To Know About A Girl’s Mood

Shutterstock / Deviant
Shutterstock / Deviant

1. Whiskey On The Rocks

She wants to hang with the guys, or at least try to.

2. Vodka Cranberry

She is feeling classy and chic, and is probably having a girls night.

3. Vodka Redbull

She is ready to rage, blackout, dance like a maniac, all of the above.

4. Shot Of Tequila

She wants to have sex, or take off her clothes, preferably both.

5. Irish Car Bomb

It’s either Saint Patty’s Day, or she wants to get wasted like it is, Irish girl wasted.

6. Rum And Coke

She’s feeling lazy, just wants a drink, and doesn’t know what else to order.

7. Whiskey Sour

Something to satisfy her sweet and sour needs, like Sour Patch Kids in a glass. She just wants to drink something that tastes good, aka something that tastes like candy.

8. Beer

She’s laid back and doesn’t care what she’s doing as long as she’s in good company with a brew in her hand.

9. Craft Beer

She likes to think she’s laid back, but would be highly disappointed if the bar didn’t carry her favorite masterpiece crafted with notes of spice and citrus, and just the right level of malt (insert any other fancy craft beer description here).

10. Hard Cider

She’s in the mood for a beer, but doesn’t actually like the taste of beer. Either that, or she’s gluten free.

11. Gin And Tonic

She’s trying to avoid a liquor baby belly and the highly caloric concoctions that most bartenders are capable of making. She also might have a really tight dress on.

12. Manhattan

She’s not going to get wasted, she is much too sophisticated for that.

13. Moscow Mule

She wants to drink out of a really cool mug.

14. Wine

She is trying to drown her emotions, but might end up crying in the bathroom later.

15. Shot Of Fireball

YUM! She wants to have a good time and wants fresh breath while doing so.

16. Anything Blue

She is feeling vibrant! One too many of these, and it won’t be cleaning fluid that makes her toilet blue later on that night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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