11 Romantic Comedies That Give Every Single Girl A False Sense Of Hope

Amazon / How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Amazon / How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

1. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Andie Anderson and Benjamin Barry, what a perfectly alliterated match. Andie is the single girl we all would love to be. She has a kick ass job writing a “How To” column for a New York City magazine, and she has Matthew McConaughey eating out of the palm of her hand. The movie has a cute and ironic plot line, as both Kate and Matt are using each other for their careers, but of course as all romantic comedies usually pan out, they can’t help but fall madly in love with each other during the process.

Andie Anderson gives all single women the hope that not only can we have a top notch career, but we can find a man with a six pack who we drag through all types of hell, and still make him fall in love with us. Too bad life isn’t like the movies, and Matthew McConaughey won’t flag our taxi cab down on the Brooklyn Bridge to profess his undying love. We’ll keep dreaming though.


2. Pretty Woman

Even a hooker finds love in romantic comedies. Julia Roberts leaves all single girls craving their manly hero to rescue them from a dull and broken lifestyle. It also makes them crave a man with a large wallet and substantial income.

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3. 10 Things I Hate About You

Based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, even the miserable girl gets the guy in this film. Julia Styles delivers on her performance as a raging bitch, and even with her crazed estrogen driven tendencies, she somehow manages to end up with her prince charming for a happily ever after. So I’m confused, do I have to be a bitch to get guys to like me?

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4. Serendipity

John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale give fate and destiny a whole new meaning in this one. In this movie, single girls everywhere can hope that no matter what life throws at us, we will always end up with that one and only man we are meant, or destined, to be with. Years spent apart, engagements and weddings, nothing stops Kate and John from fatefully ending up together. So now, all of us single girls go back to thinking about our past relationships, and whether or not our ex will barge in one day to break up our wedding.

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5. When Harry Met Sally

Possibly the most familiar situation to many single ladies, this movie gives all girls the hope that we will one day fall in love with our best friend. We all have that one guy friend who we’ve always questioned romantic interest in, and of course, in the movie it all works out. If all single girls were Sally, we’d be marrying the guy who has been in the friend zone for as long as we can remember. Unfortunately, some of our Harry’s never leave the friend zone and our single status remains singular.

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6. Hitch

This movie features the date doctor that I think all single women wish existed, because let’s face it, some men are clueless. This romantic comedy switches things up. The men in this movie, with the exception of Will Smith, are nerdy individuals who think they can’t get the woman of their dreams. This leaves single girls everywhere hoping they will fall in love with the guy they always underestimate, or just never give a second look.

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7. You’ve Got Mail

Another Meg Ryan classic. The days of dial up internet connection are long gone, but this movie never gets old. Meg and Tom give single girls everywhere the hope that their own worst enemy could possibly be their match. This movie also ironically foreshadowed the world of online dating before it even existed.

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8. Crazy, Stupid Love

This is a more recent romantic comedy that has graced us with the beauty of Ryan Gosling’s striking good looks. Emma Stone gives quite the fantastic performance as well, as the movie attempts to convince all single girls that they have the ability to keep the player from playing the game. Truth is, most girls have been in this situation, and the player usually continues to play. We also receive the false hope that when a marriage falls apart it will always somehow come back together again.

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9. 16 Candles

One of the Molly Ringwald classics, this movie features the dorky sophomore girl getting noticed by the most popular senior boy. Let’s not kid ourselves if dorks in high school were as cute as Molly Ringwald, they’d get the most popular boy too.

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10. The Wedding Planner

This one is great not only because it features JLo’s goddess-like beauty, but because it plays off of the “always a bridesmaid, never the bride” cliche. What are the chances that a wedding planner falls in love with one of the grooms, and somehow makes him love her back? This gives false hope to all single girls who feel like they have been single forever and basically have a non-existent love life. Again, Matthew McConaughey is the culprit, and all single girls are left dreaming of a fairytale type ending.

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11. The Wedding Singer

Why so many rom-coms about weddings?! You can’t deny the almost sickening romance in this movie, a wedding singer and a wedding waitress finally get the wedding they both have dreamed of, and both were intended to marry someone else. Single girls everywhere already have enough trouble attempting to find one good guy, let alone having two to choose from. We all wish the funny, cute wedding singer would rescue us from our toxic relationship, but single girls everywhere will just keep dreaming, and will most likely keep watching more rom-coms that give us false hope. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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