Unexpected Tragedies Don’t Happen For A Reason

Flickr / Richard P J Lambert
Flickr / Richard P J Lambert

“Everything happens for a reason,” the phrase that echoes as a curse to some and a reassurance to others. We mistakenly say it as an attempt to lessen the load of the torrential storm of grief drowning a friend and repeat it to ourselves when the cards are played in our favor.

It’s as if this phrase contains reason behind the infinite amount of coincidences, tragedies and miracles that occur in our daily lives. When it’s really just the only human way to try and grasp an incomprehensible reality.

The most terrifying truth that we are faced with as human beings is that there is no reason behind the madness and tragedy in our lives, that senseless events occur to the most astounding people for no rhyme or reason and that evil can be rewarded.

I was one of those people that said everything happened for a reason for 19 years, until my enchanted life collapsed around me and filled my lungs with smoke and ash, until my everything happened for absolutely no reason. Nothing happens for a reason.

There’s no reason my beautiful mother lost the love of her life at the age of 50, there’s no reason my dad won’t see my sisters or I graduate college, there’s no reason my best friend’s beautiful little sister took her own life at 19. There’s no scientific, strategic or mythological reason behind the worst things happening to the best people.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have faith. Faith that the love among us is far more powerful than the evil that engulfs, faith of possibility, faith in the good, faith that maybe nothing happens for a reason, but that everything happens because of how we persevere and overcome the obstacles thrown in our way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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