You Have To Watch The Best Shia LaBeouf Motivation Parody Video

Shia LaBeouf. What won’t he do for attention? Whether it’s plagiarizing a comic book for a terrible film he’s working on or being raped during an art project, Shia always manages to figure out how to add an element of borderline-insane extremism to anything he does. And a couple of days ago, he managed to take something as simple as a minute and a half long motivational speech and turn it into an insane, screaming, crazy rant that looks like a wrestling promo.

Within hours the video was covered in every major outlet and it quickly went viral. There was an added bonus, too: the video was shot in front of a green screen making it highly exploitable. Within hours, dozens of parodies were uploaded. Some of them show Shia in front of a Nike swoosh as he yells their famous slogan, “Just do it!.” Others show him in front of gameplay video taken from other parts of Youtube.

While many of these parodies are funny, few really add much to the original, and frankly, most feel like a desperate attempt to generate traffic rather than an honest effort to make something that’s actually funny.

Not this video though. This is the very best of all the Shia parodies. It’s funny, it’s insightful, and it really makes you think. Watch:

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