Meet The Man With The Most Unfortunate URL In The World

If you’ve ever tried to register a domain name, you know that the first step of the process is crossing your fingers. Considering that almost every name is already taken, odds are that you won’t get the domain you want. Hell, you’d be lucky to get your third choice, or even your fourth.

But no one is as unlucky as this man; a model train enthusiast with the most unfortunate domain name in the world.

Meet Mark. He’s just a man who enjoys the company of model trains. He enjoys trains so much that he decided to set up a website to showcase his trains and connect with other train users. So what’s a good URL for a website about model trains? No, that was taken. Nope. Looks like that one was taken, too.

What about Dang, it’s taken.

In fact, every name was taken. Literally every website name had been purchased except one:

And that’s what Mark went with. And now people won’t leave this poor man alone.

“I just want to look at trains,” he says. “And not anything else. Please stop emailing me about things other than trains.

Mark’s received so much unwanted attention that he had to include a notice on his website that it’s only for the discussion of and looking at of model trains. It’s certainly not for child pornography and you certainly shouldn’t email him asking about it.

If you’re up for it, and if you’re not at work, go over to, take a look at Mark’s trains, and shoot him an email letting him know that it’s okay. Let him know that you like his trains and you found his website by talking to other train enthusiasts. He needs the support. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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