Confused About Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day? Here’s A Graphic To Remember The Difference

Like most Americans, I support the troops.

That is to say that I have waved my share of tiny flags, and in the early naughts I was sure to blanket my doubts about the Iraq War with platitudes about the sacrifices of brave men and women that were preventing 9/11 part two.

But like most Americans, that’s where my support ends. I don’t give money to the veteran charities and I don’t put bumper stickers on my car. It’ll fuck up the clear coat and I’m already upside down on this piece of shit Hyundai. That’s the other way I don’t support the troops – I not only buy imports, I buy shitty Korean imports. If I really cared about the troops, I’d let GM kill me instead of Toyota.

But today is Memorial Day, and whether you’re a true patriot like some folks or just a regular patriot like myself, it’s important that we take the day to honor those that served this country, but differently than we honor them on Veteran’s Day.

So here’s a quick graphic to help you understand the difference between these two very important, very distinct holidays of honor and supportitude.

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