8 Reasons Why Having One Huge Boob And One Very Small Boob Is Awesome

Because of the media and Barbie dolls, every girl wants to have the same sized boobs, and they want their boobs to be huge. But in reality, most women don’t have boobs that are the same size, and if they say they do, they’re either lying or they’ve had work done.

Every woman has one good boob and one bad boob, but the difference is usually so minute that no one can tell the difference. So, when we talk about women’s breasts, we think of them as being either small or huge. And the benefits of both have been thoroughly documented.
But what if your titty differential is much larger? What if you have one obviously huge boob and one little smaller one that looks like the big titty’s sidekick? Like the big titty is the mommy and the small titty is the son and they’re walking hand in hand on the beach and the big titty is telling the little one about how the waves work?

Well, that may seem weird at first, but having one huge tit and one smaller one is actually really freaking cool. Here’s why.

1) Your torso looks like it’s winking.

Think about the first time a guy takes off your shirt. He doesn’t know what to expect, but he has a general idea of what tits look like. Then bam, there’s your mismatched pair staring at him, almost with an eyebrow raised, like a winking chimney sweep. “Gotcha, chum!” your titties say to him as he’s forced to accept your body.

2) It’s easier on one side of your back.

Women with two huge breasts often develop back problems. If you have one huge boob and one tiny one, however, you develop a muscular imbalance that places strain on only one side of your back, which is still painful, but not as painful as it could be.

3) It’ll be easier to attract men with fickle tastes.

Ask a man what kind of tits he likes. “Huge giant ones,” he’ll say at first. “I’m not gay. I love the big ones.” But then let him think for a moment. Let him be honest with himself. “Well sometimes I like small ones too.” He’ll say it. They all do. See men, like women, are incapable of making up their minds. Sometimes they like huge tits, but sometimes they don’t. When you have one huge tit and one small one, you can keep a man around longer because you present him with options without scaring him off by making him commit to one tit size.

4) You get to have “huge tit(s)” but don’t ever have to deal with titty fucking.

Having one huge boob and one tiny one makes it impossible to titty fuck, but you still get to be a girl who has incredibly desirable huge boobs. Well, at least the one. This way men will still find you attractive but you’re physically incapable of all that titty fucking they’re after.

5) Storage space

They don’t make lopsided bras, so you’ll have to wear a bra that fits the big tit, which leaves a lot of space in the small tit’s cup. What goes in there, you ask? Candy. Cigarettes. Candy cigarettes. Anything you want. Ever try to stuff cash or some shit in your shirt like a cool whore in a movie? Not as easy as you think, huh? Well, if you have one tiny tit you’ve basically got a JNCO sized pocket right over your breast plate. Put whatever you want in there, gum, money, a weapon. It all fits.

6) Much easier to play the saxophone.

Ever try to play the saxophone with huge tits? You can’t do it. Small tits aren’t much help either, because your weak small titty back can’t deal with the weight of the instrument. But if your back is trained to deal with the weight of the one big tit, and you have all that extra room where the small tit is, the saxophone fits in perfectly. Don’t play saxophone? Well, you should start. It’s the coolest instrument and it’s perfect for people with big-titty-small-titty configurations.

7) You can “try out” implants in the small one.

Every woman wants breast implants, but they’re often intimidating and scary. What if it turns out bad? What if they don’t feel as good as real huge tits? If you have one small titty, you can get just the one implant in that one, save money, and see how it feels. If it works out fine, then you can go ahead and upgrade both titties to even huger sizers. See what your body is capable of. Try to make your breasts as large as possible.

8) If you have a baby, you can choose which tit to feed it from to control its weight.

Baby getting a little fat? Switch him over to the small tit with less milk in it. Baby looking a little gaunt? Switch him back over to the big titty. When you get it right, you can combine the milk to create a perfect mix of big titty and small titty milk, keeping your baby at the perfect weight. This is something that only big tit small tit moms can do, and it makes you a good parent. TC mark


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