6 Great Article Ideas Taken From Reddit Users

Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson

People love reading content. They like to get online and click on content that they like, read it, and share it on their social media sites. Then their friends also read the content, and the content generators (like myself) feel good about themselves for making good content that people like. It’s called the economy and it’s why I only have to ask my parents for money two or three times a year anymore.

But sometimes content is hard to generate. What if I’m not mad about anything this week? What if I literally do not have a single opinion about anything at all? What if instead of the usual garbage I produce, I am completely incapable of any type of production? What then?

Well, in those situations it’s best to turn to Reddit. Reddit makes content generation a lot easier because all you have to do is ask a question like “what’s the worst thing that’s happened to your pussy?” and anonymous contributors will generate your content for you!

But what do you do when you can’t even come up with a question? What if you’ve run out of the ability to contribute even that initial catalyst for content? Well, the answer’s simple. You ask Reddit.

We logged on to everyone’s favorite website and asked them for some article ideas. Here’s some of the responses!

Xcoolman45: “how about an article where you talk about how it’s messed up that girls are allowed to be fat but guys aren’t. Like talk about how gender is bad sometimes for guys too. Make sure you have no idea what you’re talking about. That makes your argument feel more human, and that’s what people like.”

drakes_gf_loljk: “You should write something about why girls are single. Or maybe about how it’s good to be single. Make it seem like they’re choosing to be single. I like reading stuff like that. I’m single by choice. It’s my way of considering myself independent even though I don’t have a job.”

LargeMarge: “What if you got quotes from famous fat women from history? Stuff like Eleanor Roosevelt talking about how she feels sexy when she’s eating too much, or maybe pictures of Hillary back when she was fat? Just post a bunch of pictures of Marilyn Monroe.”

bonzo_crappe34: “Do a scary story. Do something like a girl goes on a date with a guy but then she finds out the guys been dead for years. He died in a car race back in the 50s before they shut down the old high school. Or she finds out he’s actually her dad’s ghost, and she let her dad go down on her, and then her dad finally gets to go to heaven.”

The_ph4g: “Here, this would be perfect: Come up with a list of ways that you know you’re absolutely crushing it in an extremely legit way. Things like, 1) everyone around you recognizes your hustle. 2) Everyone knows you’re on fleek. Write it so it’s super accessible for young white women but walk the racist line of appropriation by incorporating sterilized AAVE and distilled slang.”

Content_fan220: “Write about all the types of people you meet at a certain type of place. Pick a place that many people frequent, that way it’ll appeal to a wide audience, but make sure it’s not too limiting. Like, maybe write ten types of people you meet at the Mall,” but not ten types of people you meet at Spencer’s Gifts.”

Vag_destroyer: “Use the Myers-Briggs personality types to make generalizations about people. Extra points if you incorporate sex somehow. Just go through each one and be like, INFJ? What’s that stand for, Into Nothing but Foot Jobs? It’s true, if you’re an INFJ you like to jack off to feet. People will love it because Myers-Briggs results are like horoscopes for millennials.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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