Y’all See This F*cking Video Of The Taiwan Plane?

Brace yourselves, I’m about to do some goddamn news by linking to a video on an external site and providing commentary I pieced together from other news sources, even though you’re just going to scroll down and watch the video and not read any of my words.

A fucking god damn plane crashed in Taiwan and a bunch of people are dead, hopefully none of them journalists. While the crash was certainly tragic, it was fortunately caught on a dashcam, and journalists like me were quick to the scene, racing to Youtube, copying the share URL, and pasting it into a CMS, like the diligent and noble little worker bees that we are.

“Wow this is fucked up,” said one reporter (me), as she did her job without putting on pants for the day. “This is going to get a lot of views.”

“Holy shit,” said my friend, who is also a reporter because she showed me the video. We’re both reporters. We’re journalists doing journalism, and not content generators commoditizing deaths for advertising money.

It appears something fucked up happened on the plane, and it caused it to crash, and before it did, it clipped a van on this highway here, the one you can see in the video. The highway appears to be made of some kind of asphalt – a type of cement with a funny sounding name.

We’ll keep you updated with more details as they roll in. For now, I’m going to make some hot pockets and think about my paycheck rather than the folks that died. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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