Wow. This Video Shows Us Why Women Kinda Don’t Deserve Equal Pay

It’s a common MRA refrain: “the wage gap doesn’t exist once you factor in the risks men take at work.” And then they’ll rattle off a list of dangerous jobs that perhaps 1% of the male population hold, as if anyone in the men’s rights community actually works a dangerous job.

Sure it’s true that it’s usually men that work on those Arctic crab boats, and it’s usually a man that has to wash the tigers’ balls at the zoo, and I’m sure they’re compensated well, but it’s not those guys that create the wage gap. It’s a systemic problem that needs to be addressed, even the president said so.

Or at least so I thought, until I saw this video that showed me just how dangerous it is to be a man in the workplace, and just why exactly women only deserve 3/4ths what men make. Just watch, and try to learn something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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