Would Anyone Be Mad If Sarah Palin’s Son Had Just Been Standing On Another Disabled Person?

Sarah Palin's Facebook Page
Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page

Yesterday Sarah Palin, the republican matriarch and gun-toting snow bunny of the last frontier, came under fire for posting a picture to Facebook in which her son, Trig, was employing their family dog as a stepping stool to use the sink. Animal rights activists were pissed off, and rightfully so, considering that Sarah Palin’s son is mentally challenged. Which is of course highly degrading, even for a dog.

The dog is clearly in no physical distress, as anyone but PETA (and probably Palin’s son) can tell from the pictures. But you just know the dog’s humiliated. I mean can you imagine having a retarded person step on you to use the sink? That’s human-centipede level humiliation. Human orthopedic shoe, even. Why is he using the sink anyways? His hands will be covered in feces again in no less than five minutes. Trust me, I own one of these things. His name is Mason. He steps on all kinds of animals. Hell, we let him loose in the basement during the summer, he kills more rats than any exterminator ever could. He’s like cat, but with the added benefit of him being immune to all the radon down there. If anything, it makes him stronger.

But would anyone be mad if instead of a dog, Trig had been standing on another retarded person? I mean in some ways that’s a lot like standing on a dog. Why is it somehow less appropriate just because the dog is covered in fur? They operate on a similar cognitive level, they both respond to ‘boy’, spend significant amounts of time naked and they shit in the house when they’re angry. Trig probably doesn’t even see the dog as a pet so much as he sees the dog as an equal, and as a society we’ve trained boys like Trig, through the use of Legos, to stack likewise things on top of each other. So you can’t really blame him.

No, this outrage is clearly politically motivated. It’s anti-retarded sentiment and frankly, it’s completely hypocritical. PETA isn’t mad that a thing is standing on another thing, they’re just mad that Trig is standing on their guy, and if the situation had been different (if Trig had been standing on another retarded person) they wouldn’t give two hoots. Not a single damn hoot. They’d keep their hoots to themselves. Yet here they come, howling about cruelty and mistreatment, waving around this empathy card, and it’s entirely nonsense.

I think if they had any real compassion, they’d be asking why Trig wasn’t wearing a helmet, and why he wasn’t being supervised. What if he cut himself on the water or choked on one of the knobs? What if the dog ran off, and he was stuck there in the sink, and drowned in a pool of several millimeters?

If you want to criticize Sarah Palin, feel free, just make sure you do it the right way – by attacking her for not properly parenting her retarded son, NOT by criticizing her tendencies towards cruelty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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