This UVA Overreaction Proves Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do Journalism

Well Rolling Stone certainly fucked the pumpkin this week. As their story of fraternal gang rape at the University of Virginia is falling apart, the magazine has offered nothing but a half-assed apology that accepts very little responsibility is by-and-large a piss-poor attempt to distance themselves from their shitty reporting by shifting the blame to the alleged victim and star of their drama, Jackie.

Citing Jackie’s dubious “credibility,” only after other media players questioned author Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s efforts to corroborate her story, Rolling Stone is doing its best to wipe its hands clean after this massive fuck up. Not only is it an issue of journalistic integrity, the story has had very real consequences. The public ran with the story – people were outraged – now look at the damage they’ve caused. Can you imagine how the real victims in this story must feel, how traumatized they must be? The whole world looking at them with hate in their eyes, their reputations ruined? I’m talking of course about future rape victims. Everyone already thought all frat boys were rapists, no real harm done there.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s overreactions. I like tempered, justified reactions. When I hear about violent, ritualistic rapes carried out by a fraternity as part of some kind of initiation, to be subsequently covered up by the school administration and local law enforcement, I like to take a second, fill my pipe and take a nice, long, intellectual drag and ask, just who is this Jackie girl? Is she a bitch? Can we trust her? What about the facts?

Unfortunately, it seems that this UVA case brought out the worst of the overreactioneers. Mostly liberals and feminists, the crowd was quick to jump on UVA and the frat, and we looked on and cheered as all campus fraternity activities were suspended, the reputation of the boys was sullied, and their homes were vandalized. We applauded the violence directed at the fraternity before we had a chance to call Jackie a liar. We saw blood in the water and went after these boys like little rape-minnows, to be gobbled up by right-side-of-history sharks.

Now look what we’ve done. The saddest part about the UVA rape hoax is that it proves, once and for all, that women lie about rape. Which they don’t by the way – except in this instance, where one did. But because this story turned out to be false, it gives the MRA’s and the PUAs and the Fedora-Neckbeards something to hold up next time they say that women lie about rape. And frankly, they’ll be right, and that bothers me. You see, until there’s a high profile rape case that turns out to be true, this means that all women are always lying about rape. It’s one or the other, folks. Either all women are lying about rape, or none of them are. That’s how these things work.

And if women can’t be trusted to accurately report rape, can they be trusted to accurately report anything? No, of course not. If women are lying about rape, mostly because of their inherent drive to overreact to things, then they must also be lying about everything else. It’s time to stop letting women lie for money. It’s time to stop women from doing journalism.

I actually heard a rumor that Sabrina Rubin Erdely made up the entire UVA story just because she hates men and thinks that they’re bad. The person that told me this is someone I trust, and they would never lie to me. If that’s the case (which it is) shouldn’t we collectively do something to prevent all women from doing journalism in the future? Shouldn’t we form some kind of angry mob, and kill any woman that tries to report anything?

Yes. Yes we should. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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