This Adorable Dog And Cat Friendship Will End Homophobia

With more and more states legalizing same sex marriage (Arizona and Alaska are the latest to recognize gay couples) it’s only a matter of time before gays truly have equal rights in the eyes of the government. That’s huge, and it’s the most important step towards equality. But unfortunately, there’s always going to be holdouts. There’ll always be little pockets of individuals that just can’t accept homosexuals as healthy, normal people. Bigotry never really dies, it just moves into a trailer and writes angry letters to PAX television. Also, it’s not allowed at Thanksgiving anymore. Sorry uncle Earl, we just have a better time when we pretend you died in that house fire back in 04. Let us know when you have something other than slurs to bring to the table (also something other than that awful Spam casserole) and maybe we’ll start sending you Christmas cards.

But even the most ardent and angry homophobes can’t watch this video and understand that love isn’t a biological function – it’s a matter of the heart, and the heart is blind. I challenge any bigot to watch these two animal friends and not feel at least a little bit progressive:


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