Disgusting Radio Station Exploits Drunk Homeless Man For Christmas ‘Parody’ Song

Well it’s December, and you’d think the season would, as it has in the past, inspire in people a spirit of giving and charity, especially towards the homeless. And for most people, that’s true, but it’s apparently not the case for a local radio station, nor its listeners, as they’ve been airing this “hilarious” parody of ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ that features, sadly, a clearly drunk tone and deaf vagrant.

The poor tin-eared bum struggles his way through the song, presumably awaiting the promise of Night Train or Mad Dog or some equally terrible fortified wine. Sounding as if he’s in pain, probably suffering from exposure and acute, terminal cirrhosis, the bum often forgets not only the lyrics, repeating the title of the song over and over, but also where he is and even the time of year.

These people should be ashamed. The song is attached. Be warned, it’s difficult to hear.


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