11 Best Confederate Soldier Baby Names Of 2014

Shutterstock / Yuriy Boyko
Shutterstock / Yuriy Boyko

You’ve probably heard about the big trend among “hipster parents” of naming their infants after civil war letters from the national archives, and if you haven’t, well, it’s officially a thing now. Here’s a rundown of the top confederate soldier baby names of 2014. Use one of these on your child!

  1. Corporal Amos Harrison Cussrifle
  2. Brigadier General Goldwater P.R.Q. Edgecrest III P. Jr
  3. Private Matthew Slaverygood
  4. Alabaster Fuckwood Fieldrapist, Texas Ranger
  5. Moob “Richard” Boobtitty
  6. Captain W.P.R.T. McDoubleyou Chestermont
  7. Private Jeb Lanceland Gracely
  8. Corporal Ephraim Jarkson Cleavewood
  9. Penny Spaight-Matthews Loafer, Army of Northern Virginia
  10. General M.T.F. Pierre Toutant Bouffant Croissant, Army of Louisiana
  11. Junior “Junior” Juniorman Jr III Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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