Twitter Comedian Takes Pic Of Celebrity Without Realizing It

Meet Michael Hale, aka “dogboner.” He’s somewhat of an internet celeb, and he’s this week’s Doofus Of The Moment.


Normally known for his “weird twitter” style of humor, juxtaposing surreal things like Pokemon with absurd things like a breakdancing cop, Michael has made quite a name for himself on the social media microblogging website. But this week, the attention surrounding dogboner is no laughing matter. It seems the funnyman has become the butt of many jokes after posting a picture of man on the NY subway without realizing who the man actually was:


Look familiar? It’s Louis Farrakhan, but dogboner thought it was just some regular guy, hence the caption.

For those of you that don’t know, Louis Farrakhan is the owner of the Montgomery Flea Market, famous for this viral commercial they filmed back in 2006:


I’m not sure what Louis Farrakhan was doing in New York; possibly filming another Ellen appearance, but I’m sure he’s just on his laptop to check how many views his commercial has. One thing’s for certain: he wasn’t checking out the twitter feed of former funnyman Michael Hale, who most certainly has egg all over his face after this big goof off. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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