Is This Idris Elba’s Dick?

If you’re on Twitter, you’re probably following dogboner; and if you haven’t been paying attention to the Twittersphere this week; you might have missed dogboner’s big mess up when he tweeted a picture of Idris Elba, star of the Arsenio Hall show, riding on the NYC subway.

The internet was quick to jump down his throat. We covered that story here.

But there’s another thing people are missing; in the picture dogboner took of Idris Elba, it looks like something’s going on in his pants:

tweet (1)

Whoah, is it just me, or is that Idris Elba’s dick? I guess we now know why he was one of the “Kings” of Comedy. I guess now we know why he was the voice of Darth Vader, and why he pities fools. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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