Antisemitism On The Rise In Europe; It’s Time To Beat Up Some French


In the current Middle East crisis, about 1,600 Palestinians and roughly 50 Israelis have died in a matter of 25 days. The fighting has drawn international criticism for both sides, and tensions are running high in Europe where many anti-Israel demonstrations are taking a turn towards flat out anti-Semitism.

It’s incredibly disheartening, because regardless of your feelings towards the conflict, even the most outspoken critics of Zionism understand that the actions of Israel have nothing to do with the Jewish diaspora, and those people shouldn’t be held accountable. Antisemites are just using this conflict as an excuse to unleash their Jew hatred.

Synagogues are being attacked, racial slurs are being hurled, and swastikas are appearing all across Europe. Many Jews are fleeing France out of fear, and I just have to say: I fucking knew it.

You just can’t trust these Europeans. They may look like us, but they’re a sick fucking people and it’s our responsibility as Americans to “bring the pain” as it were and fuck up as many Europeans as possible.

I saw some French people on the train the other day and I wondered if they might be anti-Semites. Looking at them, I could tell that if they were. I knew that if they were back in their beloved France, they would be out roaming the streets, looking for Jews to harass. Typical fucking cheese hoarding pieces of shit.

“Get the fuck out of my country,” I said to the dumb bitch who smelled like shit and probably wasn’t wearing a bra. It drew the attention of enough people on the train that I had to explain myself.

“This woman hates Jews,” I yelled to everyone on the train. “She’s saying she hates Jews in her stupid bullshit language that doesn’t pronounce any of its letters.”

Luckily no one else on the train spoke French, so they had to believe me. I kept mean mugging the woman until her and her friend scuttled off at the next stop like the fucking cowards that they are. Man I would have loved to run five across her frog lips.

It reminded me of World War 2. It’s undeniable that the Holocaust would have worked if it weren’t for Americans coming in and fucking up those pepper snorting leather-daddy krauts. Every other European country was to pussy to defeat a bunch of shit-eating racists, and they bowed down to the Nazis, sucking on their bratwurst cocks and begging for mercy. But not America; we got in there and showed those inferior Germans that if they wanted to play the ethnic superiority game, they were going to lose. And that’s the attitude we need to have now.

If you care about equality – if you care about what’s right in the world – you’ll do your part and get out there and beat the living shit out of the first European you see. I don’t care what country they are from, if you hear an accent, fuck them up.

I’m talking brass knuckles, karate moves, fucking bicycle chains. If these European cunts think they know racism, they’ve got another thing coming. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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