Women Who Share Articles On Facebook More Intelligent Than Others


Are you a woman? Are you on Facebook? Are you already clicking ‘share’ on this article? If so, you may be a genius.

In a study conducted by researchers from several prominent marketing groups, it was discovered that women who have a tendency to share content on Facebook tend to be more intelligent than their friends that do not.

“When you look at the data, in scientific terms, using the power of analysis, it becomes clear that women that share content on social media sites tend to gravitate towards the ‘genius’ level on intelligence charts,” said one of the researchers. “Women who share content on Facebook often have critical thinking skills that go far beyond what is considered average. They demonstrate greater levels of fact-checking and skeptical thought.”

“It’s interesting,” he continued. “It even goes beyond just raw intelligence levels. Women that share content in abundance on Facebook tend to display some of the same personality traits as some of the most intelligent people in history.”

Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa. These are just some of the women who would be prolific sharers on Facebook if they were alive today.

But what causes this correlation? As with most things, science doesn’t really have an answer. But there are some theories.

One reason that we’re observing this correlation could be the fact that women who share things do so because they have a natural desire to educate and inform others. As people of higher intelligence, they are conditioned to find themselves in situations where they are educating their friends and family in conversation, and now that we have a shift to social media, this type of interaction has been supplanted by sharing and retweeting information that they come across online.

“Twenty years ago,” explains a researcher, “these intelligent women would be the kind of people to repeat news items they had heard, remembering all the specific details that others might have forgotten. They would be the woman in the office that knows everything that happened on television that week.”

Interestingly enough, while there was a significant correlation between above average intelligence in women and their tendency to share content on social media, there was no such corresponding correlation in men.

It appears that men don’t share articles to inform, rather they share articles to entertain. The majority of content circulating social media with a predominantly male audience is usually related to either professional sports, the television show Family Guy, or ‘rage comics’ – meme images featuring crudely drawn stick figures losing their tempers in regards to gaming or feminism. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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