Monsanto Is Afraid Of This Guy; And He Just Might Have Solved World Hunger

Imagine if you found out that you never had to pay for food again. Imagine if the world found out. Well guess what, they just did. This man discovered one simple trick to feed himself and his wife without ever having to spend another dollar on food, and Monsanto and the other evil companies that make food are scared as hell.

And they should be. This guy is changing the world and showing the corporations that we don’t need them to survive, all we need is ingenuity, and a little bit of compassion for others. This man’s work was powered by the act of sharing, and he used his ability to share to change the world. Check this out, and let’s send a message to the corporations that we can be the change we want to affect in the world through social change and power, and through the sharing economy of powerful change. Together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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