Mexican Immigrants Are Destructing The American Language


Yesterday, our beloved alley and friend, Israel, went to war with the Gaza strip, and invaded it with tanks, bombs, guns, and weapons. The world, and America, looked on as our alley had to fight to protect it self from the dangers of a foreign anime, and what surprised me the most, was how much criticism Israel drew for defending it self.

As a conservative, I had to laugh. I said, “hey when they say Gaza strip do they mean like a cartoon strip? Because that shit is fucking funny.” I had to laugh to my self because everyone in America seems to side with our alley Israel’s anime the Palestinians. They say that Israel is a foreign invader in the country of Palestine, and that what Israel is doing is a war crime. Yet, most of these ‘liberals’ for some reason have no problem with the invasion going on that’s occurring in America as we speak. It’s so messed up it’s not even funny.

I’m talking of course about Mexican children. In Texas and Arizona, an invasion is happening just like the invasion that’s accruing in the Garza strip. But instead of weapons, these Mexican children are coming into America to destroy our language with their culture. They literally are coming in here and fucking up the god damn language by saying stuff in messed up ways.

Lemme ask you something, why the hell do I have to press one for English? I thought this was America. I hate pressing a button with my finger when I use the telephone just because some lazy Mexican doesn’t want to learn English. Last time I checked we speak English in this country, and the illegal Mexican children (who are against the law) want to make it so people here don’t talk good the way I like.

We’ve got a President (muslim) that seems to be educated to the idea of helping these illegals (like himself) destruct the American language, and frankly, I’m tired effete.

When George Washington and Thomas Jefferson teamed up to do the Revolutionary War, they created a culture centered around patriotism and pride in our national heritage. That’s why they made the flag, idiots. They made it so we could kiss on it and say that it’s good. If they wanted us to burn the flag and speak Mexican, don’t you think they would have done that? Have you ever even looked at the flag? It was designed to represent the values of speaking English and speaking it good.

First of all, the flag has 7 red stripes on it, which represent the letters E N G L I S H. It also has 6 white stripes, which stands for GET OUT. As in get out if you’re not white (like the stripes). There’s also fifty stars on the flag. No one knows what they stand for but I guarantee you it has something to do with not letting children who don’t speak English into this cuntry.

I think its time for REAL Americans (gun owners) to save this country just like our deer alley Israel is protecting itself from the Gazans. The liberals want to say that these are just poor children who need help, and that we should go down to Texas to wave assault rifles at them. But I don’t agree with that, because those children are speaking Mexican, which is just as dangerous as a gun. I believe it was Hitler who said that, “knowledge is power.” And power needs to be kept in check. The way to do that is by pretending to be a militia man from 300 years ago and scaring children because they tan better than I do. We need to stop these kids before they literally fuck up the American language even worse than it does now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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