Hobby Lobby Doesn’t Want to Pay For Birth Control? Fine. I Don’t Want To Pay For Merchandise.

So, Hobby Lobby, and the courts, have decided that they don’t need to pay for my birth control. That’s fine. I feel like I shouldn’t have to pay for merchandise in their stores. Isn’t that my ‘right’ to decide that? If they’re allowed to make decisions about my health, I’m allowed to make decisions about pipe cleaners and googly eyes. And my decision is this: I’m stealing them. I’m putting them in my bag and walking out: and you guys should do the same thing.

If you want to support, join in with #RobbyLobby and #MyBodyIsNotAHobby and show off all the stuff you’ve stolen! Here’s my nabs so far:










Get out there guys, bring a friend, bring a big bag or a huge jacket, and steal as much shit as you possibly can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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